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Mid August you could come to the famous Circuitpark at Zandvoort and encounter some of the most amazing oldtimers from the Netherlands, Germany and other European countries.

Too bad the weather forecast wasn’t too bright this Sunday, still hundreds of cars made the trip to Zandvoort to have spin on the track or just to display their pride and joy to fellow enthusiasts.

But this wasn’t a static show, during the day there were several ‘Show blocks’ that would see large numbers if cars on the track at moderate speeds, this wasn’t about reaching high speeds in your classic car, this was an event to have fun while driving your car on an enclosed track with like minded owners.

These days there are several Lamborghini models considered to be ‘oldtimers’, from the moment your car is older than 25 years it’s an oldtimer in these regions, so it’s safe to say that several Raging Bulls came to Zandvoort to join the Lamborghini Club Nederland team.

A bit unfortunate that there weren’t more classic Bulls in Zandvoort today, however we could still enjoy the amazing black 400 GT 2+2 on the stand, the owner also brought along his red Countach Quattrovalvole which he now fitted with a really nice Carbon Fiber rear wing, a nice touch on this by now legendary model from Sant’Agata.

One of the attention grabbers on the Lamborghini paddock was a bright yellow Miura, a very beautiful car and considered by many to be the most sensual looking Bull ever made, I’ve been talking to the owner and he is getting the car restored from the ground up towards the end of the year, can’t wait to meet him again during the 2009 season.

Other Raging Bulls in Zandvoort were a couple of amazing looking Countach LP5000 S, one finished in white while the second one showed a stunning dark red metallic bodywork over an amazing gray leather upholstery, a very nice combination, especially with the gun metal gray wheels.

A more modern touch was present in the form of a bright yellow Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0, a similar color Murciélago and a stunning, green Gallardo Spyder. Safe to say that nobody had any problem with the fact these weren’t ‘oldtimers’, such exotic cars deserve their place at any event, finally an early silver metallic Diablo complete with rear wing and another pre-1993 Diablo finished in blue metallic over a white interior completed the Lamborghini presence at Zandvoort.

Naturally the Bulls would ‘Rage’ on the track during the day, however several were pulled from off the circuit because they were too loud, apparently the V12’s made a bit too much noise compared to the older 4 and 6 cylinder cars around, these days the sound regulations around tracks in the Netherlands are very strict unfortunately.

All in all it was still big fun, as an enthusiast there were many different cars that made it worth the rather long drive up to Zandvoort, too bad it started raining during the final session on the track, but that didn’t stop the drivers from their drive on the circuit.

Sure hope they will organize this event again next year, I’ll be there, looking forward to even more classic Bulls.