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Now you might not expect this, but every year during the Nationaal Oldtimer Festival at the Circuitpark Zandvoort in the Netherlands there a several Lamborghini gathered by the Dutch club … but for the 2013 edition there would be a little difference.

Remember we are talking about the 50th Anniversary of Automobili Lamborghini SpA, and with celebrations all over the world the Lamborghini Club Nederland and Lamborghini Leusden, the official factory authorized dealer decided to add another celebration event to the list … during this festival in Zandvoort.

In fact there were so many entries by Lamborghini owners and Lamborghini Leusden the organizers had to move the Lamborghini section from their regular position just next to the entry at Zandvoort to the main paddock … where a large area was reserved for cars made in Sant’Agata, and it is safe to say these super cars drew a crowd all day long, despite the rather sad looking weather at first, but fortunately the sun did come out in the afternoon and they were able to stay away from too much rain.

One of the highlights on the Lamborghini Leusden stand was the beautiful white Aventador LP700-4 Roadster … for the first time shown to the public in the Netherlands, safe to say once the roof panels were removed and doors kept open this car alone was admired by everyone that visited the festival.

Around this V12 Roadster you could admire several other recent models from the V10 range, a white with orange Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera Edizione Tecnica and its counterpart in matte black, clearly showing the totally different impression the same car can give in another shade. However I guess that bright red Gallardo Performante wasn’t shy of attention either, the shade alone will draw your eye to her … and she sure was a beauty.

Pon also displayed a model from the latest facelift evolution, the Gallardo LP560-4 with the new front and rear segments … finished in a very special looking Grigio Telesto … keep in mind Pon Exlusive Cars also offers other high end automobiles, so you’ll find two units of the limited edition Porsche Carrera GT in the background and a brand new Bentley.

Now you might think ‘wasn’t this an oldtimer festival?’ … sure it was, and the classic Raging Bulls were present on the Lamborghini Club Nederland stand … remember a car is officially an oldtimer over here when she reaches 25 years of age … this means everything up to the 1988 Countach 25th Anniversary is considered to be an oldtimer.

First let me give you the bad news … there was no Miura at the festival, you can’t win them all, but there were some pretty amazing cars present like the black 400GT 2+2 that participated in the 50th Anniversary Grand Tour in Italy … she still wears the starting number with pride, from the same owner a special Countach Quattrovalvole with carbon fiber rear wing was also present … and it is considered an oldtimer by now just like the pristine, showroom fresh 25th Anniversary in red that arrived a little late to the party, but still managed to impress all those around when the owner had to back her into a slot … sitting on the sill looking back.

Two other classics as I would prefer calling them were a great looking light blue metallic Islero S edition and blue Jarama … also in S trim. But the Jarama had a little surprise in stock … this classic, unrestored beauty didn’t have the regular 4-Liter V12 engine … instead a massive 4.7 liter Countach derived unit was installed making this blue GT a one of a kind Lamborghini … and the owner sure enjoys every minute behind the steering wheel of this original Raging Bull Grand Turismo.

And that Jarama wasn’t the only rare car on the paddock at the Lamborghini Club Nederland stand, a very nice silver metallic Lamborghini Diablo was also present … well two in fact, but one of them was a 1999 edition … you know with the fixed headlights … but this VT model also had the Roadster wheels and the special side sills, rear wing and engine cover from the extremely rare Diablo SE30 installed … in fact every Diablo VT ordered for the United States back in 1999 came like this, but on the European market these items were an expensive option … just like the blue and grey Alcantara interior … even the steering wheel was covered in blue Alcantara, making this another one of a kind Lamborghini at the festival.

The second Diablo was an earlier two-wheel drive model, but it still had the lower dashboard mounted from 1993 on installed … and despite being almost 20 years old she still looked amazing and drew a lot of attention … sometimes even more than the quartet of Gallardos that joined the festivities, two black V10, a bright yellow one and a special dark red metallic Spyder edition.

The most recent car on the Lamborghini Club Nederland stand was a yellow over black Murciélago Roadster, the black wheels offering a stunning contrast to the bright paintwork of the car, and being a first edition Murciélago Roadster it has become rather rare on the road … several of these have either been tuned by their owners, been crashed … or have been turned into a more recent LP640 lookalike, so seeing one like this, in the condition she was sure amazed many people at Zandvoort.

As usual these events aren’t static, so several of these Raging Bulls would do a stint on the famous Zandvoort track in the afternoon, accompanied by other super cars and classics these Lamborghini sure put down a spectacle … the thundering red Countach Quattrovalvole managed some serious fast laps as its owner holds a race driver license, but that didn’t hold back the other Bulls on the track in any way.

The 2013 Nationaal Oldtimer Festival in Zandvoort was once again a very, very nice event which as a Lamborghini enthusiast you just couldn’t afford to miss…