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Most of us are eagerly awaiting next week’s public unveil of the new Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show … however Automobili Lamborghini SpA apparently is planning another ‘reveal’ too.

New Ad Personam options for the Lamborghini Aventador … in fact they will be showing a very special Aventador LP700-4 Roadster next to the new Huracan … the most eye-catching feature on this blue V12 is the fact it will feature a two-tone exterior combining Blue Sadiris (a nice metallic blue shade) with matte silver details … the exterior rear view mirrors, the windshield surround and the usually glossy black sections on the engine cover all received a matte silver coating as part of these new Ad Personam options.

On the inside of the Lamborghini Aventador you can now select from a much larger palette of shades for both leather and alcantara upholstery, you can even change the color of the floor mats and their piping and opt for seatbelts that blend in better with the rest of the interior … no more black seat belts only … and things get even better.

We already know the ‘branding package’ that adds embossed Raging Bull emblems on the headrest … well you can go totally crazy now with new Ad Personam options that allow you to have your own logo, crest or name is an embroidery on the upper door panel or on the inner side of the seats … while you can ask for a contrasting color for the Raging Bull logo on the headrest … and have the new floor mats feature your very own design too.

Extended stitching is another option for the interior while you can now select from three different shades of leather for the upper section of the dashboard, with or without contrasted stitching … also the dashboard pod in front of the driver can receive three different shades of leather now. For the lower part of the dashboard you can opt for every tint of leather and alcantara available … just not Bianco Leda as this would reflect too much in the windshield.

For the door panels things get a lot more interesting too, you can have the entire door panel finished in a custom shade now, both leather and alcantara … but once again not in Bianco Leda, same thing for the upper door insert (the long triangular shaped section). For the elbow rest on the door you can select every shade again, either leather or alcantara, and select from contrasting stitching … or go for the stunning Q-Citura stitching pattern here. The door sill itself can also be covered in either leather or alcantara and again you can select the shade from the entire palette available … including white.

When you go for a contrasting stitching shade on the upholstery you can also ask for the ‘extended stitching’ option … this will feature the same, different shade of thread on the steering wheel … a final touch to really make the interior a very personal statement is the added option of ‘Forged Composite’ finish.

For the interior you could already select a very nice clear carbon fiber finish on many parts like the central console, the dashboard pod, the door handles and the seat back shell … now you can also order the patented Forged Composite finish on most parts, the Aventador Roadster shown in Geneva will feature this option too … it is a totally different look and feel compared to clear carbon fiber.

Note the carbon fiber exterior package is now also available in the new Forged Composite finish, so the air intake surround, the air vents at the rear, the lower diffuser, the middle section in the front bumper and probably the side air intakes will all be available in the impressive Forged Composite finish through the Ad Personam programme … an last but not least … you can order the Roadster roof panels in Forged Composite too now.

The Aventador Roadster at Geneva will not only show a new shade of blue metallic paint called Sadiris and the two tone finish option with matte silver, but also dual color rims … check out the images and you’ll see the silver finished Dione wheels actually feature a blue color coded ring.

With the expansion of the number of options and combinations now available through the Ad Personam Program things could get rather complicated … so Automobili Lamborghini SpA now invites people to Sant’Agata … to the Ad Personam Studio where the customer can sit down with the Ad Personam representative and create his very own, custom made Raging Bull.

Automobili Lamborghini SpA currently offers these new Ad Personam options only for the Aventador model, but plans are to expand it to the new Huracan later on …