2013-2014 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo (Update)

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Lamborghini gallardo lp570-4 super trofeo (update)
Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo (Refresh)
2013 - 2014
Unknown Units
5.2 L Nat Aspirated V10
570 bhp @ 8,000 rpm
398.3 ft lbs @ 6,500 rpm
0 - 60 mph
3.4 seconds
Top Speed
199 mph
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After a few quick snapshots surfaced over the weekend showing us the new 2013 evolution of the Lamborghini Gallardo L570-4 Blancpain Super Trofeo race car we can now give you the official information published by Automobili Lamborghini SpA on this very impressive looking V10 gentleman race car.

Over the last four years the Super Trofeo championship has evolved a lot, since the first race back in 2008 the series only became larger and better, the Blancpain Super Trofeo system of driving similar car and sharing some of Europe’s most famous tracks between pro drivers and gentleman drivers turned out to be a perfect mix to attract several VIP and enthusiasts to take the wheel of these V10 exotic super cars turned into track Bulls.

And this year the series expanded into the 2012 Asian Super Trofeo series, at this moment this series conclude four races with two more in the planning, but already nearly 500 important media publishing houses from Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and India have attended, and covered this brand new series, over 2000 guests came through the doors of the Lamborghini hospitality park, also known as the Lamborghini Village.

And for the 2013 Super Trofeo Series things are going even further, during the press conference in Navarra Stephan Winkelmann confirmed the Asian Super Trofeo will continue in 2013 but Automobili Lamborghini SpA is also looking to introduce the Super Trofeo series in other markets, like the United States for instance and with a brand new car to take on this challenge I’m sure it won’t be a problem to convince both existing teams and new members to try their hand at racing a Lamborghini Gallardo in LP570-4 Blancpain Super Trofeo trim.

As for the new 2013 model, it isn’t just a minor restyle using body panels from the recently shown New Gallardo LP560-4 at the 2012 Paris Motor Show the 2013 Super Trofeo only remotely looks like the V10 it is based on, I don’t think many body parts remained from the 2012 unit either.

The first thing you’ll notice when seeing the 2013 Gallardo Super Trofeo is that massive rear wing, for one it ‘hangs’ from two large struts in a similar way as we’ve seen on the Aventador J unveiled in Geneva, but on the Super Trofeo it is much larger and higher naturally, and has ten different adjustment settings to get just the right amount of down force you need for a specific track.

While viewing the 2013 Gallardo Super Trofeo from the rear we also notice a brand new lower diffuser, again very large and with massive vertical fins to increase stability the red tips make it look even more intimidating as if the car just ‘shredded’ the competition, with the blood still dripping from the fins.

The chassis for this new evolution remains the same as the 2012 edition, as are most of the mechanics, the biggest change for the 2013 series model comes from highly modified aerodynamics on just about every panel of the Gallardo it is based on.

The new front bumper comes with the triangular air intakes seen on the MY2013 Gallardo LP560-4, but then Lamborghini cut large air vents on the side of it, added three fins to get more down force up front and put a massive spoiler underneath this bumper with adjustable struts the 2013 Super Trofeo gets a 120% improvement in aerodynamic efficiency.

And things get even better, with variable settings of the downforce trim it becomes possible to increase downforce by 128 Kg or up to 160 Kg in either ‘low downforce set up’ or ‘high downforce set up’ respectively if we take a closer look at the air intakes and vents it becomes obvious Lamborghini is also claiming a 50% increase in cooling performance.

Note the front hood now houses two larger, triangular air vents in front of the windshield, a look we’ve seen on the Sesto Elemento before, and once again fully functional and not for show Mr Reggiani made it perfectly clear it wasn’t the intention to start a revolution for the new Super Trofeo season next year but more an evolution of an already perfect race car to keep interest for the 2013 Super Trofeo season high.

All teams that performed in the 2012 season will get the chance to fully try the new 2013 Super Trofeo race car on the Italian based Vallelunga track during two official test days in March 19 and 20 2013 I for one can’t wait to see this new Super Gallardo in action on the track.