New Lb Aventador Evo Kit To Be Shown

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Remember the LB-Works Aventador Limited edition kit unveiled by Kato-san at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show? That was an even wilder evolution of the wide-fender kit Liberty Walk released earlier, simply called the LB-Works Aventador kit.

Both would transform a factory standard Lamborghini Aventador into a low-riding, wide-fender supercar, the air ride suspension would lower the Raging Bull completely to the ground, usually sitting on massively wide Forgiatto wheels, hiding inside wide fender flares that were riveted to the original bodywork at first. Later on, LB-Works offered these kits with ‘fender replacements’, to avoid having to drill into the expensive Lamborghini panels.

Add a deep front spoiler, some low side sills, and a massive rear wing, and you would end up with an LB-Works Aventador, but Kato-san took things further with his Limited edition version, this time even more aggressive fender flares were designed to accompany even wilder side sills and front spoiler design. The rear diffuser gets vertical plates and a new rear wing in a ‘hanging’ design completes the ‘Limited’ kit from LB-Works.

Lb aventador evo 2

But the thing is, only 50 of these Limited edition kit would be made for the entire world, to celebrate Wataru Kato’s 50th anniversary, 30 of those were destined for Japanese customers while 20 would go overseas … at nearly US$60,000 each when you opt for lightweight carbon fiber.

And it seems all of these 50 kits are sold out by now … so it’s time for something new, and Kato-san was thinking the same as he published a photo on his Instagram account stating he will unveil a final LB Aventador EVO kit on January 19, this time it seems he will be limiting it at 20 units.

From the teaser shot it looks like this new LB Aventador EVO kit will have an even more impressive rear wing design, with vertical fins that go all the way down to the bodywork, much like we’ve seen on the new Lamborghini SC20 lately, the rest of the body is obscured on the image, so we have to wait until the 19th to see how Kato-san’s imagination has created an even more special kit for the Lamborghini V12 flagship.