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At this very moment it is highly likely that the entire production run for the Murciélago SuperVeloce is sold out, all 350 units have been accounted for, from the moment it was unveiled in Geneva back in 2009 up to when the bright green Gallardo Superleggera was shown at the same venue in 2010 just about the entire production run was sold out.

The dark grey SuperVeloce that was also on the stand of the 2010 Geneva Auto Show was in fact one of the very last available cars on the market, only a handful remained on the production line in Sant’Agata next to the last units for the Reventon Roadster … some sources already stated the production of the Murciélago LP640 was halted and the LP650 Roadster was the only Murciélago still available in early March.

It would make sense to have a successor ready after the summer, so it can be unveiled at the 2010 edition of the Paris Motor Show later this year. Remember the factory is closed for the holiday anyway in August, a perfect period to convert the current production line to handle a brand new model, no factory tours, no tourists and more importantly no photographers around … prime time to get a new Raging Bull ready for production.

Will it be called the ‘Jota’ ? Those that know will certainly not tell us anything in advance, so we can only guess at this moment, and to be honest I would personally keep this designation for a more powerful model further down the line, I’m sure the people in Sant’Agata can come up with another intimidating name for now.

What can we expect from this new model then … probably a carbon fiber chassis, somehow I don’t think the tubular chassis will survive several more years, clad with a carbon fiber bodywork to keep weight down and another boost in horsepower … we could even be reaching the magical 700 Bhp mark later this year. Or perhaps they will settle on about 690 Bhp and introduce a more powerful version two years later on (as the Roadster version will be next naturally … or at least I hope so).

But what engine will be bringing these numbers, somehow I doubt we’ll see yet another evolution of the current V12, remember it dates back to the early Sixties, the basics are still the same as the engine used in the 350 GT from the early days, so a totally new development would be called for, if time permits naturally. When the Diablo was being replaced we all imagined a new engine would go into it’s successor, but it still remained a modified, existing V12, so we’ll just have to wait and see what will power this Raging Bull.

Styling is another big question mark, and the spy shots we’ve been seeing all over the internet will not reveal anything … take a close look at them and you’ll notice it’s using parts of the Gallardo, the Murcielago and the Reventon … it’s just a test bed for the engine, suspension and drivetrain … in no way does it show any styling ideas.

I’m sure it will again be a new and fresh design, just like the Murciélago when it took over from the Diablo, today the super car scene is totally different compared to back then, so the looks of the Raging Bull will have to impress the possible customers … and they have become used to quite a lot these days, car like the Koenigsegg, the Veyron and the Pagani have very special looks, so the Lamborghini will have to outdo them to claim it’s place as the king of exotic cars once againg.

Inside we’ll probably see an evolution from the Murciélago too, most likely very ergonomic and clean, using lots of leather (or alcantara) and clear carbon fiber … aluminum is for the competition right ?

I for one can’t wait to see what Automobili Lamborghini SpA will come up with for the Paris Auto Show, last time it was a stunning four door super car that sadly remains a concept for the time being, let’s hope we’ll see a brand new, production ready flagship this year.