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Back in October 2020, there was a rumor going around about the possibility of Automobili Lamborghini SpA being sold by Audi AG under pressure from the Volkswagen Group, at that time the news about Stefano Domenicali leaving his position at Lamborghini to become CEO of Formula 1, and the urge or automakers to go fully electric made some dark clouds gather above the supercar company from Sant’Agata.

Another rumor mentioned Rimac being interested in buying Bugatti, and a statement was made that Bentley intends to only offer fully electric vehicles in the future, something Volkswagen and Audi have a strong interest in too it seems … so what would become of the impressive V12 flagship from Lamborghini, and the V10 supercar, and V8 Super SUV … not much electric power in any of the current production models made in Sant’Agata.

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But things have been turned around over the last months, after a recent meeting of the Volkswagen Group Supervisory Board, the statement was very clear: Bentley will move towards Audi AG in March of 2021, both will continue their strategy toward electrification of the line-up, and both Lamborghini and Ducati will remain under Audi AG control. The rumor of Lamborghini possibly being controlled by Porsche is muted with this statement too, the luxury brands will remain divided from Porsche.

As of December 1st, Stephan Winkelmann became the President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. again, a job he will combine with his position at Bugatti, which will stay at the Volkswagen Group, for now, there is no official statement of a partnership or a sale to Rimac.

One of the first official statements made by Stephan Winkelmann was the fact that both Lamborghini and Bugatti have every intention to keep using internal combustion engines in their cars as long as possible, he even confirmed the Aventador successor will keep a V12 engine, naturally in a hybrid setup, but still, the legend will continue with a V12, just as Ferruccio intended back in 1963.

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Rumor has it, the Aventador successor will be unveiled at the end of 2021, with the production of the new flagship being underway when the car is publicly unveiled in early 2022, similar to what Lamborghini did with the Huracán back in 2013, this would mean the Aventador was kept in production for 11 years and well over 10,000 units left the factory gates during that period.

Lamborghini’s chief technical officer, Maurizio Reggiani, confirmed the successor to the Aventador will keep the naturally aspirated V12 engine, but it will be getting hybrid assistance, and while the Sián proved the V12 can work with a supercapacitor, the new flagship model will probably revert to batteries, rumor has it the V12 will get three additional electric motors to boost power over the 1,000hp mark.

A source also confirmed there will be no Spyder version of the Huracán STO, just like the Gallardo Squadra Corse back in 2013, this model will be a coupe only, and it is even rumored the Huracán STO will be the last evolution in the V10 line-up, but I think a replacement for this model is still several years ahead into the future, so we might see some special edition before a V10 Hybrid model takes over the reign by 2023.