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Novitec is once again one of the first to show a completed aerodynamic package for the latest Lamborghini flagship edition, the Aventador S … both the Coupe and the Roadster get some newly styled aero parts added to their already impressive bodywork.

But it is not all looks when it comes to the Novitec Torado Aventador S … by using a lightweight, Inconel exhaust system (21 kg lighter than the factory original unit) the total power output is raised to 763hp with torque bumped to 732Nm. The Aventador S received a newly styled exhaust from the factory compared to the original LP700-4 model, but Novitec decided to change it again, into a kind of ‘3 and a half’ model … the two center pipes are joined together giving a rather innovative look to the exhaust tips.

Note that Novitec also offeres a ‘flap’ system for their exhausts, with or without remote control … this system allows you to ‘open’ a valve on the exaust system to unleash the entire symphony of those 12 cylinders behind your head … a deep, thundering sound that might not be welcomed by your neighbours at five in the morning … if you really want to save weight you can even remove the original cats with either special 100 Zeller catalysts or even lighter straight pipes.

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When it comes to wheels, Novitec teamed up with Vossen to create a stunning set of NL3 forged wheels, 9×20 inch with 255/30 R20 Pirelli P-Zero up front and massive 13×21 inch with 355/25 R21 Pirelli P-Zero at the rear for that wedge look … but take a look at this … if your Aventador S came with the standard five bolt wheels you can mount these NL3 wheels with a center cover that mimics the central lock look … however if you did get the optional Dianthus wheels from the factory, with central locking screw … you can have these same wheels with center lock too … and even if you didn’t order them from the factory, Novitec can retrofit a central locking wheel mechanism to you Aventador.

Naturally a set of amazing wheels like this can be coupled to a lowered suspension for the Aventador S, a set of springs will bring the Bull about 30mm closer to the road, but you can also opt for an adjustable suspension kit including dual adjustable aluminum shock absorbers with separated expansion reservoir in the damper, both compression and rebound are adjustable at the front and rear.

The most eye-catching from Novitec on the Aventador S is naturally that amazing looking aero kit, available in either visible carbon fiber or smooth, paintable finish, whichever you prefer.

Let’s start with the well known front hood, Novitec has been offering a replacement for the luggage cover from the start, complete with integrated ducts, but Novitec now also replaces the vents just ahead of the windshield with larger units, when finished in carbon fiber you just have to add those exterior mirror covers too to complete the look.

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Add the carbon fiber intakes behind the side windows and those stylish units on the shoulder to really have a different looking Aventador, especially when combined on a light bodywork for higher contrast, and while you’re at it, adding a pair of air intakes on the engine cover is the final touch on the Coupe, in case of the Roadster you’ll have to order the bespoke ones for that model …

The massive, double rear wing, stunning side sills, low front spoiler lip, side fins and ‘fang’ covers up front make up the rest of the exterior kit, add a fin to the rear bumper and a set of vertical fins for the rear, lower diffuser and you’ll have a very aggressive, but still stylish looking Novitec Torado Aventador S.

If you want even more exposed carbon fiber on you Aventador, you can always go for the interior updates Novitec has listed … just to make sure the outside matches the inside of your Raging Bull.