Novitec Torado Huracan N-Largo – Guide

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Well-known Novitec Torado has taken the Lamborghini community by surprise with their latest aerodynamic kit called the N-Largo … when the first scoop was published of two people uncovering this bright blue wide body V10 it was believed this could be the street legal version of the Huracán  GT3 race car, a hard core Huracán Superleggera perhaps … but it turned out this amazing looking Bull isn’t an official factory prepared car but a perfect sample of how tuning can be made to look like it came straight from the factory … so I would say Novitec did an amazing job here.

And it isn’t only looks on this Huracán N-Largo, Novitec is working on a supercharger for the factory original V10 that will boost power from 610hp up to 860hp (633 kW) … in the end only 25 of these N-Largo will be built, either as a complete car or based on a Huracán you already own.

At first glance you do notice this isn’t a factory spec Huracán in front of you, but it takes a second look to discover just what is different about this car … and there is a lot of difference in fact. Thanks to Vittorio Strosek working together with Novitec Torado this new N-Largo became a beautiful, yet aggressive carbon fiber aerodynamic kit for the successful V10 from Sant’Agata.

Taking a closer look at the photographs published by Novitec Torado it looks like they replaced the entire front bumper with a more aggressively styled version that fits seamlessly with the wider front fenders that show a close resemblance to the ones seen on the Diablo GT with air vents in front of the doors, an increase of 6cm at the front compared to the original car has been achieved.

Up front there is the option of getting a clear carbon fiber center fin from Novitec Torado, which isn’t there for her good looks alone … this fin actively increases down force for better stability at speed.

At first glance you might think the side sills are still the original factory units, but take a closer look … these N-Largo parts are indeed wider than normal to connect the wider front and rear fenders together … same story at the rear … you might not see it at once, but the rear fenders are indeed 12cm wider than standard, even the section next to the taillights had to be widened to complete the N-Largo kit.

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this and many more photos of lamborghinis are available on www. Lambocars. Com

A stunning, clear carbon fiber lower rear diffuser and an even better looking rear wing in the same lightweight material complete the looks of this amazing V10 from Novitec Torado … also note they replaced the engine cover with a new one that includes a central vent tunnel while the front hood shows the by now famous triangular Novitec intakes, all wind tunnel tested to achieve the best aerodynamic concept possible, keep in mind that the front hood can also be ordered in clear carbon fiber.

A set of carbon fiber finished exterior rear view mirrors, the carbon fiber air intakes behind the side windows and the carbon fiber taillight surround complete the race inspired look of this Novitec Torado Lamborghini Huracan LP860-4 N-Largo while a set of lowering springs bring the V10 35mm closer to the road … for an even sportier suspension setup a soon to be available set of height-adjustable coilovers will be offered.

A set of black NL2 forged wheels complete the look of this LeMans blue finished Lamborghini Huracán … 9×20 inch up front with a staggered 12.5×21 inch version at the rear, 245/30 ZR 20 and 325/25 ZR 21 P Zero’s from Pirelli are fitted on them … also note the color coded brake calipers that look absolutely breathtaking behind the five double spokes of these custom wheels.

While not yet available, the Huracán N-Largo will be fitted with a supercharged V10 engine that will increase the original power output of 610hp up to a very impressive 860hp (633 kW) and a maximum torque output of 960 Nm … while even more power could be derived from this setup the engineers at Novitec Torado want to create a durable, but very high power engine for their customers to enjoy to the fullest.

While already available for the normal Novitec Torado Huracan, the impressive Inconel exhaust system will also be fitted to this new N-Largo version … available with or without the butterfly valves, this system will have the Huracán N-Largo sound as impressive as she looks.

In fact when you look at this impressive aerodynamic kit from Novitec you still might mistake it for a factory original car, the design is so well executed you can hardly tell this hasn’t been created by the Squadra Corse department at Sant’Agata … Novitec Torado took the original design of the Lamborghini Huracán and put her in steroids … the N-Largo is just a very beautiful, aggressive looking car in the end.