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German based Novitec has been a household name when it comes to Ferrari tuning for many years now with the Novitec Rosso label, next to that they also offer tuning for Maserati through the Novitec Tridente label … and now a third Italian make will join their stable … Lamborghini.

Novitec Torado will be the section to handle tuning for the Raging Bull make from Sant’Agata, first up will be the Aventador in July 2013 … and if the teasers are anything to go by this latest addition to the Lamborghini tuners has something very nice is stock for Aventador owners out there.

From the side view teaser shot we can not only recognize a large rear wing installed at a rather steep angle, but also an air intake above the roofline while a second shot shows a new wheel design for the Lamborghini Aventador range … however from closely examining the video Novitec Torado published we discovered a few additional details.

The air intake above the roof looks a lot like the one seen on the Lamborghini Veneno in Geneva earlier this year while there are new air vents on the engine cover too … on the official Novitec Group website there is a blurred image of a yellow Lamborghini Aventador visible with some black sections on the side and at the front … I actually made a nice mockup based on all this information.

The official Novitec Torado video: