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The cars John Oakley and his team at Oakley Design in the United Kingdom has been unleashing on their fortunate customers have grabbed attention worldwide, the Lamborghini Aventador LP760 which can be converted to rear wheel drive only is just one of those internationally acclaimed masterpieces of automotive tuning.

But Oakley Design also offers very impressive Ferrari 458 conversions and the well-known Porsche GT2, GT3 or Panamera can be made even more intimidating at the Oakley headquarters which happens to be a mere 20 minutes flight by Harrods Aviation from Heathrow Airport right onto the bespoke helipad at the workshop … this ‘Arrive and fly’ service is now available from every location within the United Kingdom by helicopter, but the option of a private jet charter is also available.

It is clear Oakley Design is just getting started in this high end exotic car tuning niche market … and to continue the trend Oakley Design and Refined Marques have just completed a partnership with Zoom Arts … based in Qatar this official Oakley Design dealer will cater to customers in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East region.

Zoom Arts will open a high end, luxurious shop to be operated by Hussam that will not only showcase the Oakley Design cars and tuning parts but offer both business and private use items made from lightweight carbon fiber and titanium.

The new shop will be located near Landmark Mall at Doha in the state of Qatar … I’m sure we’ll be seeing several, wild Aventador models in the near future from owners in the Middle East region.