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I’m sure you all know ADV.1 from their very impressive line up of custom wheels destined to adorn some of the most exotic super cars on the market today … ADV.1 offers lightweight alloy wheels for everybody’s taste, going from simple five spoke units offering an amazing concave design on the rear axle to intricately designed multi spoke units finished in bright red … or what about a gold style finish?

If you want a special finish all it takes is getting in touch with them, I’m sure they will be able to accommodate your request … at a price naturally. Now designing, building and selling wheels to top of the line automobiles is one thing … offering customers an entire package is a totally different game … and it looks like ADV.1 is diversifying into just that.

The white Lamborghini Aventador seen here is the official launch of the ADV.1 Aventador, naturally the main attraction are those stunning looking ADV15 Track Spec SL Series wheels finished in matte black with brushed gunmetal lips … 9×20 inch up front with 255/30 ZR 20 tires and 12.5×21 inch at the back.

Also note this specific car has been nicely lowered to the ground by installing the new Novitec Torado springs while the beautiful symphony from the raging V12 engine new emits from a Prestige Design exhaust system … the sound has been slightly modified from installing a modified engine management system from Zeusflash as an ECU … an additional bonus from this ‘update’ is an increase in power, so this Bianco Bull has over 700hp now.

To really make a difference in the looks department there is new lower lip installed underneath the original front bumper, the clear carbon fiber unit from SR Auto Group shows small upward fins on the side for increased stability … according to ADV.1 this is only the start, so I guess we’ll be seeing some more aerodynamic parts being added to this already very nice looking Lamborghini.

At the moment, with the current styling I have to admit it does look very nice … clean and simple … I hope they don’t go over the top with this one … tuning is a personal statement, but you still should ‘advice’ the owner of such a car to make reasonable decisions … you either make it look beautiful with focused details … or you go completely over the top and create another ‘in your face’ Aventador … we’ll have to see which direction this one will follow.