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If you have been wondering just how much it takes to be real life race driver … even only for one weekend, we found the perfect answer for you: $17,500 buys you a seat in the 2013 specs Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo race car in one of the five races of the North America series.

This kind of money will in return deliver a weekend you’ll probably never forget in your entire life. For one you will be driving a race prepared Lamborghini Gallardo with a thundering V10 just behind your back putting down 570hp on all four wheels … but you also buy into a very special experience altogether including full service before and during the race, transportation of the car itself, a complete set of tires from Pirelli and an amazing looking race suit … this will have you settle for practice, qualifying and racing, but what about in-between stints?

No problem at all, the package you get includes unparalleled VIP hospitality at the by now famous VIP tent where you can enjoy the finest Italian cuisine, admire the most beautiful Blancpain watches on the market today and talk to likeminded people.

If you are interested in booking a car just for yourself and a friend the fee goes up to $35,000 per car for the race weekend, including parking and full paddock access … both packages will have you behind the wheel of this amazing car for extended periods of time.

Even before competing in the actual race you will get two sessions of 120 minutes each that allow you to get to know the car before attempting to qualify for the race itself during a 40 minute stint while there are two race sessions 50 minutes long during the weekend … that means you could be enjoying a Super Trofeo race car for almost four hours.

For the North America series of the Super Trofeo a partnership between Automobili Lamborghini SpA and Change Racing in Charlotte NC, GMG Motorsports in Santa Ana, California, Mitchum Motorsports, Premiere and Creighton Motorsports has been put together making sure your car is maintained to the highest standards between race weekends.

If after the five races in America you are leading the Super Trofeo Championship an added bonus will be the fact you are eligible to compete against counterparts from the Super Trofeo Europe and Super Trofeo Asia Series to see who’s the best overall … a final race of the season at the Vallelunga track near Rome, Italy, in November.