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The weather forecasts didn’t show much good, but fortunately the famous circuit at Zandvoort was again the setting for the, by now, well known Italia à Zandvoort event …

On Sunday the weather was again great, a lot of sun, some clouds, but more importantly … many Lamborghini’s arrived at the Lamborghini Club Nederland stand.

One of these was a brand new Murciélago e-Gear driven by none other than Valentino Balboni himself, a very nice guy to talk to, always there for a chat about the various Lamborghini’s he has driven over the years.

This year was a big success, about 30 different ‘bulls’ were shown, ranging from the classic 400 GT 2+2, an Espada, an Urraco, several Countach models, a nice selection of Diablo, some very nice Murciélago and naturally the latest Gallardo were represented at Zandvoort.

One of these V10 models, a black one, was even equipped with an intimidating sports exhaust … making a magnificent ‘howl’ when passing the straight at high speeds.

The Box music channel was also present at Zandvoort, the Lamborghini’s were even used as a background for the announcement of a music video clip, talking about music, Wibi Soerjadi, the famous pianist, also visited Italia à Zandvoort.

This year there won’t be a Viva Italia at Assen, but the Italia Zandvoort will make the many visitor’s at least as happy, a lot of Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Maserati and other cars from Italia, some nice shops selling automobilia like the rare factory brochures and nice scale models … it was surely worth the drive, make sure to catch it next year if you’ve missed it this time …