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The title is not a hoax, you can actually pre order a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento at this moment … only catch is that it will only be a 1/18 scale model made by well known MR Collection and not the real car to be honest … sorry to get your hopes up.

There have been a lot going on about a certain German exotic car dealer offering the Sesto Elemento on his page, but at this moment there is absolutely no guarantee that Automobili Lamborghini SpA will actually build the Sesto Elemento at all, even in limited or ‘track use only’ version, so there is absolutely no way you can be certain your down-payment will lead to ever owning this amazing looking concept car and take a seat behind the steering wheel.

They talk about the Sesto Elemento Concept as a track use only model, nor homologation nor registration is possible for this car that they say will be built 10 times only and sell for a whopping 2.3 million Euro … that would be nearly 3 million USD … for a car you can’t even drive on the open road, somehow I don’t think they are finding a buyer any time soon … and for me this is just an obvious marketing trick to get people visit their site and find another car that might be of interest … like the LP700 Aventador, which happens to be listed for sale too on their site …

But let’s get back to the Sesto Elemento you can actually order right now, there have been two 1/43 scale models made, one by Looksmart and one by MR Collection, and the latter one will be adding a large 1/18 scale unit this year to it’s collection.

Naturally this model will not come cheap, and judging from the prototype production shot we managed to find on a die-cast forum, detail will be very high as we’ve come accustomed to from MR Collection, probably highly limited in numbers expect a price tag over 300 Euro for the model … if you can locate on that is because most of the time the entire MR production is sold out even before the first model is assembled.