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Print Tech is a renowned company located in Munich, Germany, and they are specialized in custom wraps on some of the most exotic cars in the world … naturally a Lamborghini is no exception in their workshop, a few years ago they showcased an absolutely stunning Lamborghini Aventador with a chrome red wrap … a matte finished one.

While that V12 looked great their latest creation fitted to a Raging Bull is on a totally different level … check out their ‘Tricolore Huracan’. This isn’t just a wrap onto a Lamborghini V10 model, this is in fact a completely custom made vinyl that has been perfectly tailored to be installed on the Lamborghini Huracan model.

This wrap has been printed specifically for this car and takes the traditional Tricolore theme to the next level. Up front the car is just about entirely green, but it features some black flames while over the side the green fades into a bright wide over the doors only to nicely transform into red towards the rear of the Huracan.

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this and many more photos of lamborghinis are available on www. Lambocars. Com

And here is the magic of this custom designed wrap the most impressive … if you look really close at the red section you will notice there is in fact a Raging Bull painted onto the vinyl … it is obviously present but doesn’t draw too much attention, just enough to get noticed.

Another note that will surely make this Lamborghini Huracan noticed when she drives by is the very special Akrapovic exhaust that Print Tech installed, not only is this system about 20 kg lighter compared to the factory original unit, Akrapovic also boosts the power output of the V10 from 610 hp to nearly 630 hp … and the sound is tremendous.

Do keep in mind a special wrap like this doesn’t come cheap … figures of €10,000 have been quoted by Giancarlo De Padova at Print Tech for a work of art like this.