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German-based Prior Design GmbH has been around for many years now, but it has been a while since we’ve seen anything new from them for the Lamborghini brand, back in 2012 we reviewed their Gallardo PD-L800 kit, a wide body kit complete with roof scoop for the Gallardo while in 2016 we found the Gallardo PD-Edition which has a body kit inspired by the Lamborghini Veneno ..; today we present a brand new kit … now for the Lamborghini Huracan, and Prior Design didn’t disappoint … they went all the way with their PDLP610WB … a stunning wide body aero kit for the current V10 model from Sant’Agata.

For their first Huracan kit you have a few options, the PDLP610 aerodynamic kit actually consists of a very aggressive front bumper add-on, a set of side skirts and an equally aggressive looking rear bumper and diffuser, all made from Fibergall-Duraflex material showing an excellent surface ready for painting .. fitment should be perfect so no modifications are required when fitting these parts to your Lamborghini Huracan.

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this and many more photos of lamborghinis are available on www. Lambocars. Com

But the best part is further down, on the option list … how about the PDLP610WB ‘Widening wings’? An 8-piece option that makes your V10 a lot wider compared to the original car, exact measurements aren’t available at the time of writing, but these ‘extensions’ look massive nonetheless.

Another option is a rear wing offered by Prior Design, at the moment no photos are availbable yet, but if they took inspiration from their Gallardo kit I’m sure the new rear wing for the Huracan will be amazing.

Add a suspension kit from Prior Design onto your wide body Huracan and you might have to be a little careful going over speed bumps, but you will look great doing so.

For more information, and pricing, take a look at the Prior Design GmbH website…