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Back in 2006 Lamborghini presented their first evolution of the then current V12 flagship, the Murciélago, at the Geneva Auto Show … finished in what they called ‘battleship grey’ the restyled LP640 version received a power increase to 640 hp, subtle styling modifications that actually made her look a lot better compared to the original 6.2 model and actually very good looking Hermera wheels in 8.5×18 and 13×18 inch at the front and rear respectively … oh yes, that grey was actually called Grigio Telesto, and it would become a rather popular shade, both on the Murciélago and on the Gallardo.

Fast forward to 2014 … the Murciélago LP640 has been uprated into the limited edition LP670-4 Super Veloce in 2009 … and completely replaced by the very successful Aventador LP700-4 in 2011 … however the LP640 has aged very well over the last 8 years or so and it is still highly regarded on the second hand market, especially the models with a special shade like this Grigio Telesto and the amazing looking Q-Citura stitching pattern on the seats, door panels and rooflines.

So what if you still enjoy your old … we should say classic, Murciélago LP640 but you still want to modernize it a little? No problem, just install a set of custom wheels and you’ll make this Raging Bull look totally different, especially if you opt for these orange finished PUR Wheels RS05 units … they resemble the wheels used on the one of a kind Egoista and PUR calls this the  ‘Orange Crush’ finish … perhaps not for everybody out there but you’ll have to admit it does look very impressive.

On this specific Murciélago LP640 the front received a set of 8.5x19inch units while the rear went to 13x20inch size … do keep in mind we are talking about a four-wheel drive Lamborghini with the LP640, so you’ll have to make sure the overall diameter of the wheels AND tires remain identical to the original 18inch wheels if you don’t want to ruin the transmission … or you turn this wild Bull into a rear wheel drive only, in that case you have no issue fitting larger wheels and tires … and you might even enjoy driving your 640hp rear wheel drive V12 Bull a little more … if you know what you’re doing behind the steering wheel that is.

All in all these PUR Wheels RS05 design do look really nice on just about any Lamborghini, we’ve seen them on the Aventador and Gallardo before, and now on the more classic looking Murciélago … and they still look great.