Everything You Need to Know About the 3 Door Lamborghini Urus Coupe

Only a digital rendering for now, but this could be easily be a one-off Lamborghini to die for.

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The SUV category has morphed into a giant segment within the automotive market, encompassing nearly every manufacturer. Many brands like Mercedes-Benz and BMW are pushing the boundaries further, introducing stylish and sporty variants known as coupe-SUVs or Crossover. Yet, one prominent player, Lamborghini, doesn’t feature in this niche segment. But what if it did? How would a Lamborghini Urus Coupe look?

Kolesa.ru peeks into this exciting possibility. They crafted not one but three digital renderings of a three-door Urus coupe, keeping intact the original vehicle’s shape, dimensions, and wheelbase.

Range Rover 2 doors are back in fashion!

rendered lamborghini urus – image source: kolesa. Ru

Though not everyone is a fan of coupe-SUVs because of their less practical design approach (especially when the sloping roofline interferes a lot with the interior space), we must admit the overall rendering results look awesome. Part of the exclusivity actually comes because the most buyer will shy away from the inconvenient option. These types of large two-door SUVs were very popular in the 1980s, with Range Rovers and also a bunch of American off-roaders like the Bronco and Trailblazer.

In this digital alteration, the transformation from five to three doors brings longer front doors and a more sloping roofline. One prominent aesthetic difference between this design and the existing Urus is the introduction of hidden door handles borrowed from the Huracan.

The Real-Life Three-Door Urus exists! Mansory did it

Lamborghini urus coupe by mansory showcased here
mansory kept the original design and wheelbase intact

However, a three-door Urus is not entirely a fantasy. Mansory, the tuning specialist, brought this concept to life after many customers requested it. After dedicating around a year and a half to the project, they unveiled the Venatus Coupe Evo C, which follows a similar design to the rendered SUV.

Mansory kept the original dimensions and wheelbase intact but moved the B-pillar back by around 200 millimeters (7.87 inches), widened the rear fenders, and gave the Urus even larger wheels. They also added a full-body kit complete with eye-catching spoilers and diffusers to finish the aggressive appearance.

If you have the money… Lamborghini will build it07

Though a three-door Lamborghini Urus Coupe is a dream for now, it’s an intriguing concept that could add a unique flair to Lamborghini’s lineup. We don’t know if this design will ever see the light of day on the production line, but it doesn’t hurt to dream, right? After all, dreaming is what renderings are made for and Lamborghini is known to build custom one-off project and this should totally be doable…if money is no object to you!

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