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Remember the 2007 IAA motor show in Frankfurt ? Automobili Lamborghini SpA made a massive impression by unveiling the Reventón to the public, their latest super exotic Bull that would be limited to only 20 units … and the best part was the fact they already sold them all before the car was even seen in the flesh.

Even better was it’s price tag, a cool 1 million Euro … before taxes. This was Lamborghini’s most expensive production model to date (if you call 20 units a production run naturally), the 20 lucky owners were even asked to make a € 300,000 deposit, but this didn’t seem to keep them from ordering it, it sold out even before the IAA opened it’s doors.

So what makes this the most expensive Lamborghini ever ? For one it’s styling, according to Stephan Winkelmann (CEO of Automobili Lamborghini SpA) it was heavily influenced by the F22 jet fighter. Sure it was based on the ‘standard’ Murciélago LP640 model, but the Centro Stile at Sant’Agata didn’t leave any panel untouched for their new Reventón.

The result was a very angular looking super car, and to make it even more intimidating Lamborghini came up with a new paint mixture : a metallic matt shade, very nice, especially under the bright lights at the motor show, it was the only color available on the Reventón by the way and it would not be possible to order any other model in this shade.

Power output was raised to 650 hp (from the Murciélagos 640 Bhp), but the drive train and suspension modifications made the Reventón act totally different on the open road compared to the Murciélago, so for that price tag you wouldn’t just receive a re-bodied Murciélago but a totally different car.

The Reventón became an instant collector’s item, and several showed up for sale after being delivered, they exchanged hands for a premium naturally since this was a very rare Lamborghini indeed. It was very difficult to obtain one in the first place, and they don’t come up for sale recently anymore.

However production number #3 has recently surfaced on the market again, priced at a decent US $ 1,900,000 it is available from Silicon Valley Auto Group in the United States of America, with only 73 miles on the counter I doubt it was ever really driven other than some delivery mileage, so this is your opportunity to obtain a brand new Reventón two years after it’s initial unveiling.

Chassis number ZHWBU77SX8LA03148 is still under factory warranty and comes complete with side markers to make it street legal in the US, which makes it one of only 10 US legal Reventón cars ever built.

Interested in taking a seat in those alcantara covered sport seats and looking face to face into the G-force dial present in these cars than why not make an offer on this once in a lifetime exotic … they even offer financing just in case you are a few pennies short of $ 1,900,000.