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A lot of talk has been going around on the internet about a very special car to be unveiled at the IAA in Frankfurt, Germany later this year. Apparently a source close to Sant’Agata mentioned a new limited edition Reventon, this time a Roadster version that will use the more powerful engine from the Murciélago LP670-4 SuperVeloce shown in Geneva earlier this year.

If you imagined the original Reventon introduced in 2007 at the same IAA in Frankfurt was already something unique, think again. This original car was built only 20 times and carried an admission fee of no less than one million Euro (before taxes) … however the Roadster version would top this with only 9 units to be built and now priced a bit higher at a mere 1.2 million Euro !

If this even more exclusive Reventon will be shown in September is not officially confirmed naturally, but we can only hope, hence I’ve created a little rendering of how a Reventon Roadster could look when Automobili Lamborghini SpA decides to unveil it at the IAA.

However this isn’t the only rumor trickling from Sant’Agata these days, the name ‘Jota’ has again surfaced, many thought it would be used on the car presented at Geneva this year, but now they think it would become a new, different model next to the Murciélago.

A Lamborghini Jota was something really special before, used on the majestic Miura by none other than Bob Wallace and later on it became a special kit to be mounted on the Diablo SE30, making it as close to a race car as possible … the Diablo Jota wasn’t even street legal is the United States mind you. One owner in the UK even had his Diablo Jota de-tuned back to regular SE30 because the Jota was too ‘edgy’ to drive on regular roads.

So it’s safe to say the name Jota brings back memories from the past, memories of cars that were even more out of this world than their regular counterparts, if you could ever call a Lamborghini regular. So if they actually decide to introduce a new Jota it is going to be one special car to keep this legacy alive.

The Jota would be a model using the by now legendary V12 engine as seen in the Murciélago LP640 but mounted inside a chassis with a shorter wheelbase and a wider track to improve road holding capabilities, as awesome the Murciélago is, you can’t really say it is easy to drive, the Jota would get the power of this flagship and the driving characteristics of the Gallardo LP560-4 … hence the best of both worlds.

With the Murciélago successor being delayed as far as 2012 by some sources, introducing the kind of car this Jota would be isn’t actually a bad idea, you take the parts you already have, mount them in a slightly modified chassis that doesn’t take years to develop and bang ! You’ve got a brand new car that people are bound to buy, giving the company some time to further develop their new flagship that will probably steer away from the tubular chassis we’re seeing now and use either an aluminum tub or even a Carbon Fiber one to keep weight down even further.

As you can see the rumor mill is in full swing right now, tensions are rising towards the opening of the IAA in Frankfurt in September … however I am confident Automobili Lamborghini SpA will have a surprise for us in Germany, which one ? I can only guess and hope …