Russian YouTuber Shatters $250,000 Lamborghini Urus For Marketing Stunt

The expensive Lamborghini Urus was completely destroyed!

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In a novel marketing move, Russian YouTuber Mikhail Litvin startled the world by demolishing a brand-new, white Lamborghini Urus SUV to promote his energy drink brand, Lit Energy. The entire high-profile event unfolded on camera.

Priced starting at a cool $250,000, the Urus is different from your standard promotional tool. Litvin presented a video where a giant can of Lit Energy, hanging from a massive crane, crushed the posh Lamborghini into mere debris within seconds.

Successful or failed promotion stunt? You decide

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the colossal container was released from a crane, intending to demolish the urus

Just a few days after uploading, the video has already exploded in popularity, garnering over 8.1 million views and over 763,000 likes on YouTube alone. As anticipated, it provoked diverse reactions in the comment section. Several viewers explicitly expressed their distaste for the spectacle. One commenter even suggested Ferrari’s selective, invitation-only customer base could prevent such incidents.

This isn’t his first time, though

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he set a mercedes-amg gt 63 s ablaze two years ago

But this isn’t the first time Litvin has leveraged car destruction for fame. Two years ago, he set his $160,000 Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S ablaze (you can watch the video here), allegedly in retaliation for ongoing problems with the vehicle and a lack of support from his Mercedes dealer. This previous act invites speculation about the real intent behind these dramatic demonstrations: is it purely brand promotion or an unquenchable quest for views?

The destruction video. (Skip to the 25-minute mark)

In any case, Litvin’s name and his brand, Lit Energy, are on everyone’s tongues. Regardless of public sentiment about his strategy, any publicity might be beneficial in the cutthroat arena of social media marketing. However, one must question – at what expense?



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