Entrepreneur Sandra Corinna Kinzl Transforms Her Private Jet into a Breathtaking ‘Airborne Lamborghini’!

Sandra Corinna Kinzl's Luxurious Leap in Private Aviation

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Sandra Corinna Kinzl, a passionate aviation enthusiast and CEO of SCK Aviation, guides affluent clients in selecting, tailoring, and managing the ideal aircraft. A quick scroll through Kinzi’s Instagram feed reveals her deep admiration for the sophistication of the color black. This love extends from fashion accessories and automobiles to the world of aviation.

She recently invested a staggering $21 million to transform her Gulfstream G450 into a unique all-black pinnacle of luxury. In an era where monochromatic designs reign supreme, Kinzl’s passion for black shines brightly. Her new jet isn’t merely a way to travel; it’s a bold statement of her distinctive style.

Most Expensive Gulfstream G450

The mesmerizing matte black exterior, executed by General Atomics, came with a price tag of $500,000. But the expenses didn’t end there. The refurbishments amounted to an astonishing $5 million, emphasizing the lengths to which Kinzl would go to achieve perfection in design and personalization. Ditching the orthodox white and beige aviation themes, Kinzl proudly states, “The usual way of private flying is not what I would call fly in style.”

The “Lamborghini” Inspiration and choice of Unconventional materials

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Often dubbed the “Lamborghini of private jets,” Kinzl’s G450 is notable for its unique color and unparalleled customization.

Lamborghini is renowned for offering extensive customization options to their clientele through the Ad Personam program. In private jets, Sandra Kinzl has emulated this standard of excellence and luxury by outfitting the G450 with the finest materials for such aircraft.

She disliked the conventional, so she chose fabric over leather for the seats. The galley and bathrooms glisten with black marble countertops imported from Italy. A carpet personally designed by Kinzl drapes the floor of the jet, featuring contemporary patterns in shades of black and grey.

Contrasts were significant in the design. Despite the matte black dominating the scene, chrome ceiling light mounts and air outlets add a sparkle. Laura Pawlowski of Jet Aviation in Basel, reflecting on the project’s challenges and triumphs, shared that Sandra Corinna Kinzl was more than satisfied, exclaiming that the finished product was “even better” than she had anticipated.

Sandra corinna kinzl
sandra corinna kinzl g460’s custom interior

In a world where personalization is becoming increasingly sought after, Sandra Corinna Kinzl’s G450 Gulfstream is a statement, setting a new benchmark in luxury aviation. Where most see a mode of transportation, she considers a canvas, a reflection of her personality, a flying masterpiece. In Kinzl’s world, flying isn’t just about the destination; it’s about making a statement while you soar the skies.

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