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The Lamborghini Murciélago was the first new car to be unveiled at Sant’Agata in September 2001 after Audi AG took over the entire company back in the late Nineties, as a replacement for the Diablo this new V12 flagship had some serious shoes to fill … in the end the Murciélago would be built for 10 years before a new model would take over the reign … the Aventador LP-700 was unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show and became in instant success for Automobili Lamborghini SpA.

Still the Lamborghini Murciélago is an impressive car to drive and own, especially if you take a look at the later LP640 or the limited edition LP670-4 Super Veloce edition, the latter being built for only two years in very small numbers (most sources state only 186 units instead of the 350 Lamborghini intended) and even today several tuners are offering Murciélago owners the option to have a Super Veloce look alike built on a ‘regular’ model … even on a Roadster.

That’s right, the Murciélago also came in a Roadster version, with a rather strange canvas roof that took some getting used to if you wanted to fit it in a hurry … if you think an LP670-4 SV Roadster sounds like a good idea you surely have to look at the Seponas LM900 that has been created over a period of four years by German based ESV, or EdelStahlVertrieb.

This isn’t just a Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster with a body kit attached to it … the Seponas LM900 is a completely custom built car, created from the ground up to end up with a totally innovative, never seen before concept … no wonder it took four years to complete starting with an elaborate 3D scan of the original Raging Bull back in 2008.

After the car was converted into a 3D design the work on the bodykit could start, planning, designing, testing and discarding took several months to get it just right, the idea was to have a Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster with a totally unique look, but still immediately recognizable as a Raging Bull … so she had to be different … but different in a good way.

It is clear ESV took some inspiration from the Lamborghini Reventon that was unveiled in 2008, especially the more angular design elements on the bodywork look like they came from that factory original limited edition, but still ESV put their own stamp on it … and more importantly they opted to have the entire car finished in clear carbon fiber right from the start … making this the first Murciélago showing a complete carbon fiber finish from top to bottom.

It would take 18 months to create the carbon fiber parts for the Seponas LM900, but the result was surely worth it, the design clearly shows the Lamborghini DNA while still having a serious wider stance both at the front and at the rear … the rear axle is 218cm wide mind you, even the headlight pod took months to perfect … that is attention to detail I guess.

Because of the wider body and the increase in power of the V12 engine the entire suspension complete with wheels and tires had to be created from scratch too, these wheels are milled from aluminum and come in a three-piece design, up front we now encounter 10×20 inch wheels with 285/30 20 tires while the rear receives massive 13.5×21 inch wheels with 355/25 21 rubber that has been certified to withstand speeds up to 350Km/h.

A high top speed like that is nothing without the proper braking power, so a set of custom made discs come into play on the Seponas LM900, massive 400x36mm at the front with six pistons and 380x34mm at the back with four pistons make sure you’ll be able to stop this high power exotic just in case you need to, add an adjustable coilover suspension and driving this lady will be a joy.

The exterior is looking beautiful in her clear carbon fiber dress, but let’s take a look at what is hiding under that glass engine cover … a modified V12 powerplant. ESV didn’t go for a Turbo system to avoid rough power boosts but instead installed two compressors to have a gradual build-up of power at every speed. According to ESV this means the Seponas LM900 still has the typical, normally aspired V12 character but with a massive power increase.

To achieve a power output of no less than 935hp (they started out with 850hp in fact) the engine too had to be completely modified, including titanium connecting rods … but also different belt drives, an updated cooling system and a custom made exhaust system … all of which took another 12 months to complete.

With power like that and an exterior looking like a multi-million dollar hyper exotic the interior had to follow suit naturally, so ESV went the extra Mile and created something truly outstanding on the inside of their Seponas LM900 combining ‘Petrol’ blue Alcantara with cream Nappa leather boasting some amazingly detailed stitching. Naturally heated seats are still present, add some amazing black ‘piano lacquer’ parts and this Seponas LM900 looks just about perfect in every way. Even the inner window surround is covered with blue Alcantara on this car while the dial to adjust the seat has been machined to ESV specs and all the lettering on the inside is customized too … even the dashboard received a plasma display.

If you take a closer look at the Seponas LM900 you’ll notice the engine cover is made from glass so you can admire that amazing V12 Bull underneath, but ESV even installed a window in the section behind the engine cover so you can also see the intricate exhaust and the Bi-Compressor setup … power output is between 850hp and 935hp and gets transmitted to all four wheels through a special racing specs clutch and gearbox setup.

A window tint of 35% on the side windows and 20% for the front windshield will try to keep the driver and passenger cool while they enjoy the music from that V12 behind them … if they really want to listen to some music the Kenwood/Prax installation will be able to deliver a sound experience like no other.

Note that the Seponas LM900 is a limited edition hyper car, only 10 will be built by ESV and the number 1 of 10 was offered for sale at 612,850 Euro (that is about US$770,000) … so if you are looking for something really special and not just another SV look alike this car might be just the right answer for you.

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