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Most of us will spend a lot of time working behind a desk, and I have to admit this might sound boring … but there are a few things you could do to make earning money a lot more pleasant … and the very special desks featured here just might do the trick for you.

How about a custom made desk that shows strong similarities with the front section of the already legendary limited edition Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 Super Veloce, complete with cross spoke wheels and custom painted brake calipers … while at the back you get the usual storage space behind a door and a practical drawer. There is even a keyboard tray available and possible glass shelves at the front.

Naturally this isn’t a cut away of a real Lamborghini but a polyester shell made to resemble the famous Raging Bull, still the attention to detail is amazing, just take a look at the headlights and the nicely formed front spoiler … even the hexagon shaped grille is present while the wheels are custom cross spoke samples that show painted brake calipers behind them … all very, very close to real life.

The major difference is seen when looking at the back of these desks, usually these are delivered with two storage ‘towers’ with a door and drawer whose fronts show the same high gloss shade as the car at the front, naturally the desk itself is made from laminate instead of polyester but still it looks really good and functional at the same time.

From the various photos you can determine the glass shelve at the front can be positioned differently depending on what you require … in fact each of these desks is made to order and all details and shades can be determined by the customer … base price at US $6,988 excluding shipment which isn’t bad considering you’ll be seated behind a 1:1 section of an otherwise very expensive Lamborghini.

More information can be found from the people actually building these desks : UNIQUE MOTO DESKS, Dabrow 3a, 60840 Poznan, Poland