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With the Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 officially unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show I wanted to offer you some additional possibilities in my Virtual CAR Configurator … things that will allow you to go completely crazy when it comes to strange color combinations for the interior, but you can now also put together a very classic, smooth leather interior for a more stylish look.

Not only did I add the regular shades for both leather and Alcantara, but I created a few extras hues just for fun, also note several stitching options are listed now to really put something different together, as for the steering wheel, naturally smooth leather and suede are there, but I also made a steering wheel with a suede top and leather sides … and vice versa, just in case you are wondering how it would look.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing Carbon Fiber inside the new Huracán very soon, but how about some touches of Forged Composite? I’ve added that too … for the central console, parts of the steering wheel …. and even for the pods on the dashboard … and in case you really want to go wild you can apply a shade on these items too, a nice red central console perhaps, or yellow pods that go well with the Giallo Midas on the body … you can put it together now.

And if you are wondering how your very special, virtual car will look ‘in the wild’ I even went the extra step to offer you different backgrounds, just so you can get a better feel of the car … they all look good on a white background, but how does it look in a studio or against a black wall … or even between buildings … just try for yourself in our Virtual CAR Configurator.