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SpaItalia is a yearly event held on the famous Belgian circuit of Spa Francorchamps, a circuit well known by professional drivers, and it has been recently renovated to the latest standards, especially the new Formula One pit lane is truly amazing.

But let’s focus on the event itself, just like every year, there is a special Italian make that takes first place during SpaItalia, and for 2007 this was Maserati, let’s hope that Lamborghini will be the forerunner next year.

But that didn’t prevent several Lamborghini owners to take the drive down to the south of Belgium, and both show and drive their car during SpaItalia.

This is a two day event, so you’ll notice that some owners only show up for one day in Spa, that’s why I visited both days this year, since I missed a few very interesting cars last year, and my feeling was right, several beautiful Lamborghini were only present on Saturday, while others were only there on Sunday.

So let’s take a look at which models showed up at SpaItalia for this 2007 edition. On Saturday a stunning dark gray metallic Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder was on display on the reserved Lamborghini space, next to it an equally nice black coupé, which also would be present on Sunday. An amazing red Lamborghini Diablo with a massive Carbon Fiber SVR style rear wing was in Spa both days, as was a very nice yellow Diablo with French license plates, actually more Lamborghini from France showed up in Spa, like a very nice silver metallic Gallardo.

Naturally several other Lamborghini were shown too, among them a very nice red Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2 and a silver metallic Espada Series II, on Sunday a few more Diablo arrived, among them a magnificent silver metallic one including the factory rear wing, and a late model, pre-1999 Diablo VT finished in bright red over a tan leather interior.

But some of the best were still to come … how about one of those rare Diablo SE30 editions, naturally finished in the typical lavender metallic shade over the blue alcantara upholstery, a very nice combination. This rare Diablo was accompanied by a stunning yellow Lamborghini Miura S, this latter featured a thundering exhaust system which the owner aptly demonstrated by dumping the gas pedal a few times, much to the enthusiasm of the people surrounding this amazing automobile.

A nice looking, dark metallic Urraco S with a bright white interior was shown on Sunday too, but this one wasn’t driven on the circuit during the several ‘Grande Parade’ that were held over the two days.

A car that did head onto the track regularly was a nice silver Diablo SVR, a regular during SpaItalia, driven by a true enthusiast that really knows what he’s doing on a race track, he pushes his Diablo to the limit, and when you consider it is possible to have a spot in the passenger’s seat, you also understand that you just have to wear a helmet when driving on the circuit.

The weather could have been better, but at least it didn’t rain, and with the sun sometimes pushing the clouds away, SpaItalia 2007 was a success, both for the visitors and for the owners that had a great time driving their car on an enclosed circuit with all modern security measures … can’t wait to head down to Spa Francorchamps again next year.