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This year SpaItalia finally celebrated the Raging Bull, so it could be a great possibility to gather a large number of Lamborghini’s on and around the famous circuit of Spa Francorchamps.

On Saturday the Belgian weather was up to it’s usual manner … rain, a light drizzle kept falling down way into the afternoon, but that didn’t stop some amazing Bulls to be present at Spa, ranging from the brand new Gallardo LP560-4 and Murciélago LP640 which were shown by Lamborghini Brussels, right up to some exclusive Bulls like the Pregunta prototype and the one of a kind Miura SVJ Spider, the latter being finished in a very bright green bodywork.

This was also a great time to finally meet the president of the new Belgian Lamborghini Club, who arrived in his flawless silver metallic Jarama which was parked next to a stunning selection of Lamborghini’s from France, among them an amazing purple metallic 1999 Diablo SV, a red Diablo, a bright Espada, a silver metallic Gallardo, a dark blue Urraco and a white Countach to name a few.

This already impressive collection was later joined by the well known black Murciélago Roadster from Switzerland, a dark blue metallic Diablo and a silver metallic Diablo SV, the latter two from the Netherlands by the way.

Close to the two new Lamborghini’s there was another display of Bulls, showing one of the oldest Espada in the world alongside a yellow Miura, a magnificent red Countach and the Pregunta, on the other side of this row you could admire a red Jarama, a brown Islero, a black Urraco and the bright green Miura SVJ, while another Murciélago LP640 was present too, together with a dark gray Gallardo Superleggera.

As always, on Sunday the collection of Lamborghini’s was a bit different, for one the sun came out so people were more likely to take the drive to Spa, and this meant an amazing white metallic Gallardo Spider showed up together with a bright orange metallic Superleggera. A similar shade of orange could be found on the stunning Diablo VT 6.0 that came from the Netherlands on Sunday, together with a great looking Diablo finished in red over a tan leather interior. A couple of yellow Gallardo were also present, together with a dark gray and a silver metallic Urraco, while a classic purple metallic Diablo SE30 was there too accompanied by a yellow Murciélago and the well known red Diablo with the SVR style rear wing. Later during the day a nice silver metallic Diablo arrived on the paddock too, but probably one of the most impressive Lamborghini’s at Spa on Sunday was a brand new Murciélago LP640 Roadster … finished in an amazing black exterior over a stunning black and orange interior … what was more, this car was only a few days old and showed only 500 Km on the counter. Save to say it drew a lot of attention, to top it all of there were another two Jarama, a black Gallardo and a second dark gray Superleggera, the latter even took some spins on the circuit during the day.

Naturally it weren’t only Lamborghini’s that were shown and driven during SpaItalia 2008, a large collection of Alfa Romeo’s was on site, some really amazing Ferrari’s, Fiat’s, Maserati’s and deTomaso could be admired on the paddock area and on the circuit during one of several ‘drives’ on this famous circuit.

Without a doubt I can call the 2008 edition of SpaItalia one of the most impressive of the last years, the number of rare and exotic cars was outstanding and thanks to the kind people organizing SpaItalia I was able to take photographs that normal visitors weren’t allowed to take, being in the pit lane while the cars were racing by.