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A new tuning package for the still amazing looking Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster has surfaced from the Moscow region in the Russian Federation, Status Design has prepared a really impressive looking Roadster in association with well known BF-Performance.

This car was a pre-LP640 model, but the extensive modifications make it look very similar to the more recent model, the side air intakes remain from the original car, but just about everything else has been either replaced, modified or extended with extra body parts.

On the outside we recognize the BF-Performance carbon fiber front hood together with the front spoiler and sills, again in carbon fiber molds. But carbon fiber was also used for the exterior rear view mirrors, the headlight lashes, engine cover and side moldings on the door pillar. A carbon fiber air flow cooling for the engine also made it’s appearance on this orange car, BF was also the choice for the rear wing while the rear bumper was replaced by an LP640 unit that now covers a loud exhaust system.

To pull everything together the Roadster wheels were covered in matte black but still received a nice orange stripe, a small detail that makes all the difference in the overall look of the car.

As it’s a Roadster the interior shouldn’t be forgotten either, so the entire upholstery is now finished with orange stitching, however the main attraction is surely that alligator leather used on the seats and dyed in orange to complement the exterior of the car.

The steering wheel is replaced with a nice reversed leather unit complete with flat bottom and orange carbon fiber touch at the top … a similar orange carbon fiber made it onto the central console while many other parts of the interior also received a touch of either orange or black carbon … very impressive.

Now who would need a sound system in a Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster, the sound of that legendary V12 just behind your ears should be all the music you would ever need … but still some nice sound would be a good idea, so this car was fitted with one of the best car entertainment system available.

A Macintosh 40.01 was coupled to Helix Brax Matrix speakers at the front and Helix RS speakers at the rear aided by a sub woofer and powered by an Audison VXR 420.6 amplifier. Acoustic and line wires by Furutech and Audinot with an Helix condenser making sure there is enough battery power to make it all work as it should … a complete interior sound proofing ensures the best possible sound.

I’ve always loved orange on the Lamborghini Murciélago, and combined with the black carbon fiber parts this Status Design project sure looks nice, I’m confident the owner of this Roadster was very happy with the results.