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Only two more weeks before the first race of the FIA GT1 World Championship for 2011 will start in Abu Dhabi, and the Swiss Racing Team (SRT in Inwil) rolled out two amazing raging bull that will compete in the series this year.

Both cars are still ‘plain body’ units for now, but I’m sure these will be covered with sponsors over the next two weeks, but back to the roll out in France were both Karl Wenlinger and Max Nilsson could get eye to eye with their new race cars.

The first test sessions went smoothly, without any problems under an open sky with lots of sunshine and dry track conditions, a perfect setting to get acquainted with these Raging Bulls by clocking some test kilometers in optimum conditions on an uncluttered circuit.

At this moment both cars are being prepared for transport by airplane to the UAE (United Arab Emirates) were the two initial drivers will be accompanied by two more pilots whose names will be communicated soon by SRT.

Othmar Welti, team principal for SRT, was very happy with these first tests, the team at Reiter Engineering created another masterpiece specifically for GT1 racing and delivered the cars in pristine condition to SRT who drove Nissan in a non-satisfying 2010 season by the way … Mr Welti even stated : “we are very happy with the rollout … I am confident that the Lamborghini provide a good base for being more successful than last season.”

At the moment neither of these two Raging Bulls have been thoroughly tested due to lack of time, but the first real taste of the massive potential of these Lamborghini will be obtained on March 23rd during the tests in Abu Dhabi … over the previous weeks times have been difficult to put the change to Lamborghini on track, but in the end it all worked out perfectly and both the team and the cars are ready to go head to head with the fierce competition in the 2011 FIA GT1 World Championship.