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Techno Classica Essen is one of the highlights every year in Germany when it comes to classic cars, held in the Essen Messe this show is a gathering of impressive and rare classic automobiles … and the 2015 was no different with two of the most exclusive Lamborghini ever on display … one of only nine Veneno Roadster built and the one of a kind Miura Roadster.

The Lamborghini Veneno Roadster on display was the Rosso Veneno finished demo car from the factory, unveiled in late 2013 the Veneno Roadster would be built only 9 times for customers, each as a bespoke order with an initial MSRP of €3,300,000 before taxes, which was a 10% premium over the three Veneno LP750-4 that sold out at once in Geneva some months earlier. The car in Essen this year was probably the factory owned ‘prototipo’ like the grey Veneno shown in Geneva, these would not be sold to the public and subsequently are not part of the limited production run of nine units … all of which are sold at this moment I’ve been told.

At €3,300,000 the Veneno Roadster still wasn’t the most expensive Lamborghini at the 2015 Techno Classica, the second Bull on the stand held a much, much higher value … we are looking at the one of a kind, 1968 Lamborghini Miura Roadster, also known as the Zn-75 as she was converted by the ILZRO in May 1969 to showcase the use of zinc-plated, chrome-plated, polished or re-manufactured metal … the Miura Zn75 became a dark green metallic car with a brown leather interior in 1970.

The Lamborghini Miura Roadster was never an official production model, only one prototype was built by Bertone and they didn’t even have a roof designed for her (just like on the Veneno Roadster by the way) at the 1968 Brussels Auto Show this unique Miura was finished in a bright blue metallic paint, so when this truly special piece of Lamborghini history was bought by a collector in the United States back in 2006 he had her shipped to Gary Bobileff in San Diego for a total restoration to the original state … which is rumored to have taken about two years and over $300,000 to complete.

A week before the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in 2008 the Miura Roadster was completely back to her original 1968 livery, finished in a bright blue, very sparkling metallic shade over a flawless white leather interior with red carpets, even the original steering was fabricated again (as it was lost over the years because the ILZRO installed a different one) together with the right switches on the central console and the covers for the carburettors were all corrected … this was now a one of a kind piece of history.

In late 2008 the Miura Roadster was offered for sale by the Kidston Auction house in Switzerland … price undisclosed but it sure wouldn’t have been cheap, in fact for the Techno Classica the Miura Roadster was on loan only so we could all admire it once again … just as an indication, in early 2013 CNN asked collector car insurer Hagerty Insurance to put a value on the 1968 Lamborghini Miura Roadster … they came up with: ‘Est. Value: $8 million – $10 million’ … making this THE most valuable Lamborghini ever (they valued the 350GTV at $3.5 million – $5 million by the way).

Those were probably the two highlights from Lamborghini at the Techno Classica in 2015, but a large selection of other Raging Bulls were on display at this show too, some even sold during the show like a bright yellow Miura with Italian license plates that changed hands for €1,250,000. There were a total of three yellow Miura in Essen this year, one of them the impressive SV edition on the Klima-Lounge stand.

Other models made in Sant’Agata at the Techno Classica were the first production car from Lamborghini, the 350GT with the successor 400GT and Islero, even a Jarama was present together with a few Espada, one of which had the very rare glass roof section and was finished in a similar blue metallic shade as the Miura Roadster. Naturally the Countach was a popular car in Essen too, from the original narrow body LP400 to the final production 25th Anniversary edition … one of the Countach even boasted a turbocharged engine.

We are talking about a classic car show, so no Huracan were to be found inside the building, still outside we could admire a very nice, white Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, especially with the white leather interior featuring the stunning Q-Citura stitching option.