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After being shown at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show the order book for the stunning Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 quickly became filled, at this moment if you want to order a new Aventador it will take between 12 to 18 months before you will receive the keys … and they already increased production in Sant’Agata compared to Q3 2011 … they went from 3 Aventador each day up to 4.5 Bulls that get built today.

Note that little over a year has passed since the public first admired the Aventador, and both journalists and enthusiasts are still impressed with this new V12 flagship from Lamborghini, over the last 12 months this model managed to obtain 36 international awards … this is the new queen on the super car market, a reference among exotics.

And today we can add another prize to this list … chassis number 1000 has just been delivered to its new owner, German based Hans Scheidecker was handed the keys to this stunning Arancio Argos (a new shade specifically developed for the Aventador by the way, and used for the official press car) from none other than Mr Stephan Winkelmann himself, CEO of Automobili Lamborghini SpA … note that Mr Scheidecker already owned a Diablo … which now gets joined by this magnificent Aventador.

As a side note let’s take a look at the production numbers for the previous flagship, the Murciélago. It was introduced at the 2001 IAA in Frankfurt and took nearly two and a half years to reach 1000 unit in February 2004 … back to the Aventador that got introduced in March 2011 at the Geneva Auto Show and after 15 months was built 1000 times already … and the current order list stretches 18 months of production … so if we take 4.5 cars per day this translates into over 1500 Aventador on order today (taking 20 working days per month and some vacation into the count)

Remember back in 2011 we talked about the carbon fiber monocoque molds being able to sustain 4000 units before they would be ‘used up’ … this would mean the Aventador can only be made about three years from today if they sustain the current production numbers … and we haven’t even seen the Roadster nor the Super Veloce version yet.

With about 1500 firm orders already in the books I can clearly see Automobili Lamborghini SpA has no stress about unveiling the Roadster version … if that would take only 25% of orders they would be looking at an increase close to 2000 units at a delivery delay of nearly 24 months … at the moment I think the production capacity will have to be increased again to even think about building the Aventador Roadster on the same assembly line … let alone a GT or SV version.