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Last week we’ve all seen the spy shots of what looked like a test mule for an updated Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, still very recognizable as an Aventador but with some serious modifications, even if Lamborghini tried to hide her under that typical black and white camouflage wrap.

The obvious changes are a new front bumper and rear diffuser, the test mule was rolling on Dione wheels but I’m sure the updated, Aventador facelift will receive a different wheel design just for her while at the back we saw a new exhaust design inspired by the Centenario.

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The adjustable rear wing we already know from the existing Aventador is kept, as are the taillights, but just about every air intake and vent has been restyled, front, side and rear … and while the horizontal fin reminds us of the Superveloce, the style of the front bumper is totally different, with a lot of additional intakes.

The large air intake on the side, in front of the rear wheels has been changed too, the black section from the original Aventador isn’t used anymore and the styling is a little more aggressive, also the vent behind the intake extends lower now while the intakes from the Superveloce are seen on the ‘shoulders’ which might indicate a power increase … probably up to 730 or 740 hp.

When we will be able to admire the new, updated Aventador isn’t sure, but I put together a few virtualization for you to enjoy until the real deal is unveiled.