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When Automobili Lamborghini SpA unveiled their new Huracan Spyder in Los Angeles in November 2016 they didn’t call it LP580-2 Spyder … but RWD Spyder and a quick look on the official website also showed no more LP designation, not on the Huracan lineup and not on the Aventador lineup … so when we found a trademark application for ‘Aventador S’ is is obvious the new, upcoming V12 facelift will not be called LP740-4 (rumor has it the new car will bring 740hp to the table) but simply be called Aventador S.

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So the MY2017 Aventador will replace the current Coupé and Roadster with an Aventador S and later on the Aventador S Roadster, as far as we know there will be a power increase from 700hp to 740hp and the four-wheel drive will remain, but four-wheel steering will be added as seen on the limited edition Centenario (there is a factory test mule based on the Aventador Superveloce with four-wheel steering already).

The large display on the central console of the Centenario will be adapted to the interior of the new 2017 Aventador S too, complete with the infotainment system coupled to it. If the interior will receive other updates isn’t sure yet, we’ll have to wait and see when the new car is unveiled.

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Another very interesting rumor is ‘active aerodynamics’ … we’ve been hearing about this on the still to be released Huracan Performante already, which put down a very impressing lap time on the Nurburgring that has been kept a secret ever since … so using the experience from the V10 on the new V12 flagship would make sense.

If you look closely at the front air intakes you will notice special vertical vents that might just be adjustable at speed, however most likely some active flaps will be added to the undertray of the new Aventador to modify the airflow when needed … the various spy shots seen for this update don’t show a rear wing, but that doesn’t mean Lamborghini won’t be fitting one by the time the Aventador S is sold to the public … which might be adjustable too.

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If we look at the facelift done to the Murciélago and the Gallardo before we could be expecting some modifications to the headlights and taillights too, we might be seeing those innovative LED headlights on the Aventador S … and why not have some Veneno/Centenario inspired taillights too … just to be different.

On some recent photos of what might be an Aventador S test mule, the factory fitted silver finished Diantus style center lock wheels, note that the Aventador Superveloce could only be ordered with glossy black Diantus rims … perhaps some customers insisted on silver painted one through the Ad Personam program … we might be seeing center lock wheels on the Aventador S too as they are rumored to be a US$3,500 option, available in glossy black or silver.

There is no official information on when the facelift for the Lamborghini Aventador will be unveiled, some sources think the 2017 Geneva Auto Show could be the venue for the new V12 model, other sources think the new flagship could be unveiled in late 2017 already …we’ll have to be patient for now …