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We’ve been seeing some amazing Lamborghini being prepared by SR Auto Group, and their latest project ‘The Black Bull’ is no exception to the rule it looks absolutely amazing finished in glossy black rolling on massive ADV.1 005 Trackspec SL wheels.

Note that most of the time owners of a Lamborghini Aventador that want to mount custom wheels on their pride and joy tend to opt for sizes that correspond to the factory specs this avoids running into trouble with the highly sensitive four wheel drive system used on this super car, if the diameter of the complete wheels with tires is no longer within the range required it could severely damage the drivetrain.

So usually we see either 19 inch at the front with 20 inch at the rear (which are the standard size Iperione wheels from the factory) with 255/35ZR19 and 335/30ZR20 tires or the larger 20 inch / 21 inch front to rear (like the factory Dione wheels) that take 255/30ZR20 and 355/25ZR21 respectively however recently ADV.1 wheels managed to up to ante a little by installing 21 inch at the front and 22 inch at the rear of an Aventador.

For this Black Bull project SR Auto Group also opted for the largest wheel combination possible by installing ADV.1 005 Trackspec SL units, 9×21 inch and 12×22 inch respectively the car itself is finished in glossy black but for the wheel center SR Auto Group opted for a matte black finish while the outer rim received a glossy silver coating the red brake calipers behind these beautiful wheels add a touch a of color to the intimidating ‘Nero’ Lamborghini.

Custom wheels are usually the first option to make your car really stand out from the pack, SR Auto Group went the extra Mile on this Black Bull project by adding PUR Aero parts too a nice lip under the front bumper and the large rear wing at the back all finished in clear carbon fiber the overall package looks really good to be honest.