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There is no doubt in my mind the Lamborghini Aventador is an amazing looking car, and it seems a lot of people agree with me on this one judging by the waiting list for this V12 flagship from Sant’Agata … that also explains why the cars that are available on the market for immediate delivery take a premium over the regular MSRP … basic list price for a 2013 Aventador LP700-4 is about US$400,000 at this moment, but you’ll have to wait over a year before taking delivery … list price on a Roadster is $45,000 more … and that’s without any options … you don’t have to go crazy to end up well above $500,000 for a special, custom spec’d out Aventador Roadster.

Now that might be a little out of reach for most of the avid enthusiasts out there … they do however have a few options that are less expensive … you could lease an Aventador … it isn’t cheap, but at least you won’t have to put 500K into the dealer’s account. Another option is renting one just to experience driving an Aventador once in your life … prices on that aren’t too budget friendly either, but hey, at least you are behind the steering wheel.

The next best thing is a nice scale car … a 1/8 scale Amalgan made Aventador will set you back up less than $7,000 and it is a limited production model, only 199 will be made … Pocher has been resurrected lately and they too offer a 1/8 scale Aventador, either in white or in black it is available as a kit for less than $1,000 … want to spend even less … why not a 1/18 scale model from MR Collection in Italy … anything between $450 and a few thousand $ … or go for the all opening 1/18 model from AutoArt for about $200.

But all those scale models listed above, as good and highly detailed as they might be … you can’t drive them … so I found something a little different … how does an actually driving Aventador for little over $300 sound to you? I guess the price is right, and you can actually drive it … there is one catch however … it is still a scaled down model, seats only one and it is battery powered (a 6Volt unit) … and to be quite honest … it is meant to be enjoyed by a child.

Check out this rather nice looking toy car made by Rastar using a body very similar to the Lamborghini Aventador, there is even a ‘replica’ steering wheel and a dashboard that shows parts of the actual unit inside the real car … if you look close you’ll even see an ignition key on the dashboard.

To keep it all safe this toy car has a seat belt so you can fix your kid into the seat, which actually does mimic the looks of the real deal, to the right of the steering wheel there is a ‘shifter’ … well it is only a lever to select ‘Drive’ or ‘Reverse’ … there is only one pedal on the floor by the way. On the left of the steering wheel you’ll find three controls … one to turn on the lights, the headlights turn on when driving forward, the taillights switch on when reversing.

Next to the ‘lights’ switch there is a slider that controls ‘R/C or Manual’ … as this is a toy car for young children it actually comes with a nice safety feature … a ‘parents remote control unit’ … with it you can actually control the car when the kid is driving into trouble … I’m sure many parents will love this feature. Next to the R/C switch is a volume slider and an MP3 connection … you can enjoy some music while driving this 6V Lamborghini Aventador Kids Sports Car.

The real Lamborghini Aventador comes with a massive V12 engine that allows the Bull to reach speeds well over 330Km/h … this Aventador Kids Sports Car comes with an electric motor that will propel it to … 4Km/h … so the parents can keep up with it on foot I guess.

The bodywork on this toy car is vacuum formed and painted with actual car paint for a perfect finish, I’m sure this is every car enthusiast kid’s dream … this model actually drives, it looks great, the options are very nice (in fact the exterior rear view mirrors turn inward like on the real car) like the steering wheel and nicely formed seat … normal list price on this car is a little over $300 in fact, I found it on a UK online store in case you are interested : Fun4Kids … you can get it in a nice green shade, yellow, white and orange … they also have a stunning black Murciélago LP670-4 Super Veloce toy car, 12v and a top speed of 7km/h …