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Toward the end of November 2008 the final production unit of the very limited Lamborghini Reventón was delivered to it’s owner in the United Kingdom.

The nr 20/20 was ordered before September 2007, when this amazing super car was unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany, only 20 would be built and it carried a list price of no less than 1 million Euro before taxes.

This high price didn’t seem to be a problem as all 20 units were sold out even before the wraps were taken of this angular evolution of the Murciélago LP640 in which the fighter styled Reventón was based, but it would become a totally different car altogether.

All Reventóns were numbered using a plaque between the two seats, and the number 20 was actually sold by the dealership in Birmingham, UK. The sales manager even took the future owner to Sant’Agata to see the amazing super exotic as it was presented by none other than Stephan Winkelmann himself, the CEO of Automobili Lamborghini SpA.

The owner of this extremely rare Raging Bull fully intends to drive his new pride and joy, wo with a bit of luck we’ll be able to see it in the flesh at some of the events held by the Lamborghini Club UK, or perhaps even on the open road … should be quite a sight seeing such a rare car on the streets …

If you are looking into adding one of these Lamborghini’s to your collection you are out of luck, as stated only 20 would be built by the factory, with number 0/20 currently on display at the official museum in Sant’Agata (I doubt it will be available any time soon), however there is still another way, right from the start people were willing to part with their Reventón … for a price naturally, the latest one available for sale was listed over 1.5 Million Euro, that is a 50% premium over the initial MSRP but with such limited numbers available it could very well be sold one day for this massive amount of money.

The Lamborghini Reventón immediately marked it’s place in the history of Automobili Lamborghini SpA from the day it was unveiled in Frankfurt, and my guess is that it will be very hard to top this feat any time soon, the Reventón was a Lamborghini of superlatives, and it will remain that way until they unveil another super exotic, very limited Bull that is even more expensive.