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Remember the Mansory tuned Lamborghini Aventador unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show?

Well I sure do, it was a very extensive modification on an already exotic super car, the price tag of the factory original V12 could scare people away, but in some parts of the world you are bound to encounter these cars on a daily basis … and what could be worse than to find out your neighbor … or your rival in business just took delivery of the same Raging Bull you’ve been so proud of?

Mansory has just the solution for this kind of ‘problems’ you could run into … if a factory standard Lamborghini Aventador looks a bit bland for you they will change just about every body panel on the car and install wider, lower and more intimidating looking parts instead.

How about a deep front bumper with large canards on the side and a very low fin underneath the entire unit … all carbon fiber naturally, the air intake surrounds in the same lightweight material now also house those LED lights that are so in fashion these days. The Aventador already has the beautiful Y-shaped driving lights in the standard headlight pod … but Mansory took them one step further.

The front hood is replaced with a new Mansory one holding multiple fins, now you could argue these are for looks only, but they do look nice together with the carbon fiber fins on top of the brand new front fenders … which do function … these help to cool the front disk brakes I was told … these fenders are also 40mm wider compared to the original ones … a similar thing happens at the rear where the fenders ‘grow’ a full 50mm.

New side sills and larger side air intakes and outlets handle this angle of the Mansory Aventador while a new rear diffuser in clear carbon fiber gets mounted while the typical Y-shape of the taillights gets used for insets on the rear air vents. Further up there the original rear wing is replaced by a full carbon fiber unit and a massive high rising rear wing gets added at the rear.

Clear carbon fiber is also used for the roof section and the movable air intakes behind the side windows, Mansory is also known for their complete interior modifications, and the Geneva show car had a totally custom interior combining black and red leather in an innovative design … this dark red metallic car finally went to the Middle East where it has been spotted a few times by now.

Today we found photos of a second Mansory Aventador … this time finished in white and seen in Doha, Qatar … from taking a close look at the images it looks like the interior is a combination of black and white leather, but not in the same design as the red car … so it doesn’t look like it is only a wrap on the original car, it is in fact a second one.

This Bianco Aventador by Mansory does roll on the same wheels, ultralight forged rims in massive 9x20inch up front and 13×21 inch at the rear with 255/30 ZR20 and 345/25 ZR21 Hankook tires respectively.