The Lamborghini LP837, probably called Aventador LP700-4

Aventador lp700-4

A lot has been going on about the new Lamborghini flagship that will be unveiled during the 2011 Geneva Auto Show, speculations on both the name and the looks have been buzzing all over the internet for months, but recently a big part of the overall details on the new car have been unveiled by AutoCar, a UK based car magazine.

They were able to drive the existing test mules for the new Lamborghini … and at the moment there are at least three of them, the 001 car that we’ve been seeing for months already, heavily disguised and probably not showing any of the final design of the car. There was also a number 002 car that featured an adjustable rear wing but looked similar to the 001 car on the outside, however the drivetrain, engine, transmission and other mechanicals were totally different.

And now we can gaze on the 003 car … and this one looks a lot better, even with all the black tape on it, we can still see lots of design clues of this car, which by now is almost sure to be called the Aventador LP700-4, an evolution from the LP837, the internal development code for this new model that will succeed the by now legendary Murciélago.

But we can now take the quest one step further, Graphicar made a rendering (based on the Murciélago LP670-4 SuperVeloce press shot if you ask me) of how the Aventador could look once all the tape is taken away and we can admire the orange bodywork that is now visible on some spots.

Anyway, with all these small teasers and little details on the car, the entire mystery on the new Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 only thickens … and I’m really excited to get a glimpse of it in the near future.