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It took designer Paul Czyzewski over a year from start to finish to create one of the most impressive looking concepts ever … the Lamborghini Resonare was meant to be challenging and provocative while still keeping in line with the Lamborghini pedigree, this concept car looks very futuristic and still many parts of it are clearly recognizably influenced by well known Lamborghini models … both current and from the past.

At the front you’ll notice the far forward, pointy nose section … remember the Sesto Elemento … the nose ‘cone’ perhaps isn’t as pronounced as on this Resonare, but it did immediately caught my attention, while from the side you clearly recognize the design of the door being similar to the Aventador doors … and on the Resonare these open upward too, just like on the Lamborghini flagship models ever since the mid Seventies when the legendary Countach introduced them.

On the roof, which holds a large amount of glass on the Resonare to allow light into the cockpit, Paul put an air intake, that continues into a vertical fin towards the rear of the car … Veneno inspired perhaps, while the louvers on the engine cover did bring back memories of the classic Miura … and the new Huracán naturally.

Talking about the new Lamborghini Huracán … let’s take a look at the interior of Paul’s Resonare concept … he took the ‘Hexagon‘ theme to an all new level, combining elegance and sports into one amazing looking setup, depending on color combination and finish he either installed Forged Composite details or clear carbon fiber units, while the seats and door panels don’t offer the well-known Lamborghini Q-Citura stitching … but an innovative hexagon pattern … very good looking by the way.

Even the steering wheel is a completely new design, but it still reminds us of the one seen in the Lamborghini Urus concept while the LCD display on the dashboard even uses a graphic from the Reventón combined with the Aventador speedometer while the central console houses a large display … probably for the navigation system and to display all kinds of settings in an easy way.

We all know both the Aventador and the Huracán have their ‘start/stop’ button hiding under a red cover that flips up to unveil the button to release all those Raging Bulls behind your back … on the Resonare there is a similar cover on the central console, but it is much larger … more pronounced. This console also houses the switches to control the gearbox while shifting paddles are located behind the steering wheel too.

Even after 12 months of working on the very special design of the Lamborghini Resonare concept Paul found the time to create a lot of different views of his amazing car, using several exterior shades each combined with a custom interior to really show how he envisioned his Lamborghini concept … and then he took it one step further.

Paul Czyzewski didn’t content himself with only one version of his Lamborghini Resonare Concept, even after creating a very high number of differently finished units … Paul also created the ‘Extreme’ version for the Lamborghini Resonare … a sort of Superleggera edition with different styling, a very impressive rear wing, lowered suspension and a stunning set of wheels … even extra power and less weight was mentioned in the description.

On the other hand Lamborghini has their Ad Personam program … Paul created the ‘Individual’ edition of his Resonare concept, with a black car that combines gold finished wheels and even gold plated parts on the interior … or a green detailed Resonare Individual, it is obvious creating this kind of detailed renders and versions took a lot of time and effort … the result is surely worth it.