The Official Press Release Of Ad Personam at Lamborghini Hong Kong

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Lamborghini Ad Personam in Hong Kong:
The Ultimate Personalization Program.

Lamborghini Hong Kong presents the “Ad Personam” program from Automobili Lamborghini – the personalization program designed to make every Lamborghini unique, allowing each customer to create his own “customized” super sports car, by choosing special colors, leathers, and equipment outside those in the standard range.

Andrea Baldi, General Manager of Automobili Lamborghini Asia-Pacific, remarked, “It’s great to have our Ad Personam biggest expert, Mr. Vittorio Gabba, come all the way from Italy to Hong Kong, to explain as never before the Ad Personam program and share his unique experience of our clients’ special customization requests from all over the world.”

The Ad Personam program extends to the most extreme levels of personalization of Huracan and Aventador models, allowing customers to specify each and every detail in the car, while still maintaining the high standards of quality and the stylistic criteria imposed by Lamborghini.

“When you buy a dream, you want something more,” said Vittorio Gabba, Ad Personam Manager of Automobili Lamborghini. “Our clients want a personal touch; they want to create their own Lamborghini, tailored to their own personal tastes.”

The client can choose among a wide offer of Ad Personam body colors with pearlescent or matt finish, along with the option of dual-color painting and liveries. For the interior the personalization is about the combinations of colors and materials, for example the special Alcantara with laser-engraved hexagonal motif used for the first time in the special series Lamborghini Huracan Avio, or the Lambo Vintage, a fine semi-aniline leather enhanced with a softer and more natural feel.

One of the most high-tech and in-demand Ad Personam materials is Forged Composite, a Lamborghini patented carbon-fiber material offered for the roof and for interior and exterior details of the Aventador.

A concrete example of the infinite range of combinations offered by Ad Personam is the special Huracan LP 610-4 on display at the “Ad Personam: The Ultimate Personalization Program” event in Hong Kong. The vehicle features a unique matte purple exterior color that was custom-developed specifically for the client.

The various personalization choices are highly influenced by the Lamborghini customer’s country of origin and therefore by the relevant cultural contexts. The majority of requests (42%) come from the United States, still the number one market for the House of the Raging Bull. The Middle East is a very strong market for Ad Personam, often choosing light or very bright colors that ensure their Lamborghini stands out as an ‘individual. Customers in Japan and Singapore, on the other hand, show a particularly refined and sophisticated taste, with personalization requests that are often the result of careful aesthetic and designbased considerations, down to the smallest detail. In Europe, it’s the UK customer who most frequently takes advantage of the Ad Personam program, though remaining within more sober and classic configurations and in line with the tastes of the European customer.

In terms of models, Aventador is the supercar that is enhanced with the largest number of personalizations: the prerogative of a clientele that is particularly sensitive to the idea of enhancing the exclusivity and uniqueness of their purchase. A full 58% of Aventadors leaving the Sant’Agata Bolognese factory contain at least one Ad Personam option, as opposed to 30% of Huracans. The cost of the personalization can vary from a minimum of € 1,000 to a as much as € 100,000 above the base price of the car.

The implementation of the Ad Personam program, available for Aventador and Huracan models, is delivered to customers through a very personal and exclusive service. At the main international Motor Shows, the Lamborghini stand includes a special area called the Ad Personam Studio, where customers are assisted and guided in the creation of their very own Lamborghini. The process for defining the specifications is aided by the presence of color and material samples and by a car configurator, which makes it possible to preview the result on the final vehicle.

Starting from 2016, a larger and more comprehensive Ad Personam Studio has been completed at the Sant’Agata Bolognese headquarters, where customers from all over the world are assisted by Ad Personam specialists in creating their own customized Lamborghini, in addition to having the opportunity to visit the factory and gain a firsthand view of Ad Personam configurations on cars already produced.

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