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The story has been going round online for some time now, the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento we were able to admire in Paris last year would enter, albeit limited, production. Some state at a price of €1.5 million, others state it will be a track day only car that is not street legal … some sources even write Mr Winkelmann has confirmed production of this amazing looking, clear carbon fiber super car. One online broker even has it listed on his website, available for order … but as long as Automobili Lamborghini SpA doesn’t publish an official press release all the above is mere speculation, and as far as I know, at this moment you can not take delivery of a Sesto Elemento even if you had the cash.

Now that is a serious bummer naturally, but I went for the next best thing … get a decent scale model of the car, that way I can admire it all day long, nicely tucked away behind glass to keep the dust away and still have some money to spare on  other things.

The car on this page is the brand new 1/18 scale model made by MR Collection in a very limited production run, mine sits on the classic leather base but MR also offers it on a stunning carbon fiber base … which suits this car very well as you might imagine.

I know some of you could park a real Lamborghini in your living room, but somehow I don’t seem to be able to convince my wife this is a good idea, so I have to be happy with some scale cars in display cabinets, and therefore this amazing looking MR made Sesto Elemento joined six other Raging Bulls in 1/18 scale made by them, that’s right, I already had all Lamborghini models made by MR in 1/18 (I prefer this larger scale over the smaller 1/43 collector scale), naturally their Reventon, after that the Reventon Roadster, but also the LP670-4 Murciélago SV and the China Edition of this Super Veloce. To top the list I also got the LP670-4 R-SV in original Reiter Engineering trim and in a stunning matt black … and now the carbon fiber wrapped Sesto Elemento joins the club (note that I’m eagerly awaiting the MR made Aventador in 1/18 now …)

What people often ask me : ‘are these MR models worth the staggering price they demand, they are sealed body models, so why spend that much cash if you could get an AutoArt or a Kyosho for one third or even less money where all doors and hoods open ?’

And my answer is simple … Yes ! Sure these are expensive, but what Lamborghini isn’t right ? And yes these are sealed body model, nothing opens on them, so what, at least that way I don’t get dust inside the car and both the interior and engine are still highly detailed anyway. But the most important reason for me to buy these models is the fact they are mostly available years ahead of any other model car builder. Take the Reventon Roadster for instance … MR is still the only one that has built it, also the Murciélago LP670-4 Super Veloce … both Norev and AutoArt are talking about it for ages, but none of them can be bought at this time while I’ve been admiring both my glossy white SV and my China Edition for over 12 months already.

But back to the Sesto Elemento now, as the real car isn’t available for purchase at this time, and even when it will become available only a select few will be able to buy it, one because of it’s price and two because it will be a limited edition anyway … so getting a high profile scale model like the MR version isn’t such a bad idea after all … it’s still a lot cheaper, and it doesn’t take up that much space in the garage …