The Smartborghini Smart Fortwo Transformed into Lamborghini Lookalike!

Finally, a Lamborghini that won't burn a hole in your pocket!

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This unique creation by Vale Automotive, a renowned Irish company known for its work on vehicles like the Porsche Boxster GT1, worked its magic on a Smart Fortwo, transforming it into a Lamborghini impersonator. The project began with a 2014 Smart Fortwo, which was entirely changed by removing the roof and all body panels to assume its new identity. The custom kit design drew inspiration from the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, although the proportions of the Smartborghini differ significantly, looking like a real toon car (see below)


The exterior updates

The smart ForTwo actually really looks like a compressed Lambo. Amazingly the weird proportions are not breaking the illusion and it could almost be mistaken for a Lamborghini Gallardo if you are wearing the wrong glasses.

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those 19-inch wheels look dope!

Despite its bulkier appearance, the Smartborghini retains several distinct Lamborghini styling cues which help the illusion.  These include decorative air intakes, a reverse V-shaped bonnet, a diffuser, quad tailpipes, and an aggressive aero package highlighted by orange accents—the lighting units, though non-functional, bear Y-shaped stickers resembling the LED graphics found on authentic Lamborghinis. To complete the look, 19-inch replica Callisto rims borrowed from Lamborghini adorn the vehicle, wrapped in fresh rubber.

The Lavish but the tiny interior also works the illusion

Same as for the exterior, the dashboard wrapped in Alcantara and the padded bucket seats really work at creating the feel of a real Lamborghini. Everything feels shrinked but the fun feel is there.

the diamond-patterned seats add a premium feel

The Smartborghini features a shorter windscreen than the original, resulting in seat headrests that protrude, reminiscent of those seen in children’s cars. While lacking a roof, this concept is familiar, as the limited-production Smart Crossblade from 2002 was also roofless. Although the Smartborghini appears to have conventional doors, cleverly cut holes incorporate integrated steps to facilitate access to the cabin. The exposed interior has undergone extensive reupholstering, boasting leather and Alcantara materials with a diamond stitching pattern.

The 1.0 Liter real fake “Lamborghini”

Mechanically, no changes have been made to the vehicle, and it still relies on the SmartForTwo 1.0-liter petrol three-cylinder engine, generating 70 horsepower (52 kW / 71 PS) and 92 Nm (68 lb-ft) of torque. As with all generations of the Smart Fortwo, this rendition is rear-engined and rear-wheel-drive, keeping the Lambo spirit alive!

the orange accents complement the overall appearance in a nice manner

Yes, It’s for sale, but there is a catch

Driven only for promotional purposes, this vehicle has seen minimal use over the past decade, with only 51 miles (82 km) on the odometer. The Smartborghini is currently listed for sale on eBay at an asking price of £11,999 ($15,039). It is important to note that the Smartborghini is not street-legal in its current form due to the absence of proper headlights and taillights. However, the vehicle can regain its road legality by fitting the stock or aftermarket units. Interested buyers should know that the car is located in Northern Ireland but can be shipped anywhere in the UK. Hopefully, the new buyer will not receive a cease and desist letter from Lamborghini headquarters sending that car to the crusher before it hit the road.