The Taste Of Italy

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This event was held in and around the castle de Haar near Utrecht in the Netherlands, and gathers just about everything originating from Italy, ranging from food, wine, clothing … right up to the supercars like Maserati and Lamborghini.

Hence the Lamborghini Club Nederland was present with three nice examples of Italian automotive art, a great looking, classic red Jalpa parked next to a stunning blue metallic Diablo and last but not least a very special Countach Quattrovalvole.

The latter also finished in classic red over a flawless beige leather interior, but more importantly, this was a fuel injected model that was initially built for the Middle Eastern market, so featuring a special rear treatment like the one used on US bound models. But this specific Countach also had rather unique side skirts, connecting the front and rear wheel arch extensions together, but unlike the 88 1/2 models with those ‘streaked’ sills, these were completely closed, rather nice looking and very rare. Combined with those well known ‘gold’ painted Countach wheels, this car drew a lot of attention parked on the grass …

A but further on the official Lamborghini distributor for the Netherlands displayed a rather unusual color on the magnificent Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, a dark metallic red shade known as Rosso Metis. With a combination of black and red leather, this open top Bull looked very nice, quite different from the usual orange and yellow metallic Gallardo’s.

The weather wasn’t really working toour advantage on Friday and Saturday, but Sunday the skies cleared out nicely, and a lot of visitors were drawn to the best Italian had to offer, and what could be better than to admire your favorite cars while enjoying the best food and wine from southern Italy.