The Ultimate Lamborghini Urus Overlander: The incredible transformation from Luxury SUV to home on wheels

How one adventurer converted a high-performance luxury SUV into a self-sufficient overlanding powerhouse

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The Lamborghini Urus, known for its high performance and luxury, combines the power of a sports car with the practicality of an off-road vehicle. Adventure enthusiast Connor from Colorado, USA, took this blend to new heights by transforming his Urus into the ultimate Overlander vehicle. His modifications turned the sporty SUV into a comfortable, self-sufficient home on wheels, ready for extended journeys across challenging terrains.

Despite initial challenges like frameless windows unsuitable for bug nets and non-adjustable headrests that lack ergonomic perfection, Conor had a clear vision: to create a vehicle capable of conquering any terrain while providing the comforts of home.

Here is an in-depth account of the modifications he implemented on the sports SUV to convert it into the ultimate overlanding vehicle.

Changes made to the exterior

Lamborghini urus overlander

One of Conor’s first major additions was the Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack. This versatile rack significantly expanded the Urus’s storage capacity, allowing for mounting various accessories such as water tanks, fuel jugs, and easily removable Front Runner-branded boxes.

These durable, water-resistant boxes provided ample space for storing gear and equipment, essential for long trips into the wilderness. Conor also mounted a water tank on the roof rack to ensure a reliable water supply, complemented by fuel jugs for an extended range on long journeys. He also added a Pelican case to store valuable items, securely protecting them from the external elements.

Understanding the importance of off-road capabilities, Conor installed a spare tire bracket on the roof rack to hold a spare tire securely, a crucial addition for remote travel. He included Max Trax recovery boards to help the Urus navigate tough off-road conditions. He mounted a shovel for easy access, useful for digging out difficult spots.

Comfort and convenience

Conor addressed comfort on the road by adding a Front Runner 1.4M Wide Awning. This awning provided much-needed shade and shelter from the sun and rain, creating a comfortable outdoor living space. He also installed a Starlink Satellite Internet system, ensuring reliable internet connectivity no matter the location, a luxury that many overlanders might envy.

Wheels and Tires

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Recognizing the need for durable wheels, Conor fitted Delta Classic B Aluminum Rims, which are known for their ability to withstand harsh conditions. He paired these rims with Radar Renegade Tires, which are off-road capable tires with a high-speed rating, ensuring the Urus could handle rugged terrains and high-speed highway travel. Conor installed Pia side and Front Runner handle lights to improve visibility and safety. These lights provided additional illumination around the vehicle, making navigating and working or camping in low-light conditions easier.

Changes Made to the Interior Of Lamborghini Urus Overlander

Transforming the Living Space

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Transforming the Lamborghini Urus Overlander into a living space required thoughtful modifications to the interior. Conor added a Thermarest foam topper to enhance sleeping comfort. This foam topper is known for its heat-radiating properties, making cold nights more bearable. He complemented this foam topper with a gym yoga mat, providing additional comfort for a good night’s sleep.

Organization and Storage Solutions

Conor incorporated Front Runner flat-pack bags to organize clothing, dry goods, and other essentials. These bags fit neatly within the vehicle, maximizing available space. He included a folding table and camp chairs, providing a portable dining and seating solution that could be easily stored when not in use. Various bags and storage solutions organized toiletries, pantry items, and other essentials.

Conor included a Lifesaver water device capable of filtering dirty water into clean, drinkable water to ensure safe drinking water. He carried a well-equipped tool bag for on-the-road repairs, ensuring that minor issues could be addressed promptly. Conor packed a kettlebell to maintain fitness while traveling, allowing him to keep up with his workout routine.

Cooking and Food Storage

Cooking on the road was facilitated by an Eureka stove with German internals, a unique combination that offered the best features of two stoves. Conor also used an electric hot plate powered by an inverter as an alternative cooking method. He installed a fridge-freezer combo to keep food fresh and frozen, ensuring a reliable supply of perishable items.

Power Management

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Conor managed the power needs with Li-Ion batteries. He used a 3,000-watt inverter to power high-wattage appliances such as the stove. Chargers efficiently managed power distribution and battery charging, while a Tiger XED electronic control system allowed control of vehicle electronics via USB.

Connor’s future plans with his Lamborghini Urus Overlander

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Conor has covered almost 20,000 miles in a year with his beloved vehicle, traveling through 16 countries and facing many difficulties. In Romania, he damaged the front splitter—a $1,400 replacement—and a button for an interior light no longer works, but that’s not bad for an off-road luxury SUV. The missing rear bumper is intentional; Conor plans to replace both bumpers to improve the SUV’s off-road capability, including installing a new exhaust system for better clearance and skid plates. He also plans to move the stove outside the vehicle and hopes to rejigger the setup to allow for a rooftop tent.

Conor’s extensive transformation of the Lamborghini Urus into the ultimate Overlander vehicle showcases his dedication and ingenuity. By carefully selecting and installing a wide range of accessories, he created a car that is not only capable of tackling the most challenging terrains but also provides the comforts and conveniences of home. From advanced safety systems to comprehensive storage solutions and thoughtful interior modifications, every detail has been meticulously planned to ensure a seamless overlanding experience.

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