Top Gear takes the new Countach onto the Stelvio Pass

Three generations of the lamborghini countach 17

During the winter months, the famous Stelvio Pass is closed for traffic, but once temperatures start to rise again, towards the summer months, this famous mountain pass is opened up again, and it seems this year, on the occasion of opening the Stelvio, Top Gear was asked to do the honors … and they did, in style, with the latest, limited edition Lamborghini, the Countach LPI 800-4, finished in the press release shade of Bianco Siderale over a Rosso interior.

By the time we finally got to see this homage to the Countach prototype of the Seventies, all of the 112 units were already sold, at an MSRP well above $2,000,000, and while you might think that will be an ‘all-in’ price, think again, there are still multiple options available that will increase this bonkers price tag even further, but somehow, I don’t think any of the 112 customers that signed the order form worried about adding a few more personal touches.

Check out the amazing video below:

It seems that buying a multi-million dollar, limited-production car from Lamborghini does come with a few additional perks, while you are waiting for your bespoke Countach to arrive, deliveries started in April 2022, you’ll receive one of 112 numbered replicas of an exclusive painting created, as per tradition, by Mateusz Wowk, exterior designer and artist at Lamborghini’s Centro Stile, led by the Head of Design, Mitja Borkert, and you even receive a personal letter from none other than Stephan Winkelmann congratulation you on acquiring the latest masterpiece made in Sant’Agata.

Countach lpi 800 4 painting

My guess is, that by the time you are reading this, all of the 112 units of the Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 have been built, and Linea Aventador inside the famous Sant’Agata factory is being converted to build the first run of ‘pre-production’ units for the successor, the next-generation V12 flagship, that will be a hybrid, and could be named Revuelto … only the future will tell…