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We’ve all heard about Heffner before, their Twin Turbo conversions for some of the most exotic cars on the planet have created some of the fastest cars on the street today, and naturally several of these TT kits made their way onto Lamborghini models, like this bright orange Gallardo.

But this conversion was taken one step further by it’s lucky owner, after pushing the car with the initial Heffner Twin Turbo installation it became obvious some of the power was disappearing … so it was time to call in some extra help … from ZR Auto.

ZR Auto took apart the engine and found out there were some issues with clogged fuel lines and fuel pumps not working at their full potential … which led to burn damage on multiple cylinders. But they didn’t loose any time over this, replaced the necessary parts and reprogrammed the engine control unit … a Dyno of the finished V10 showed a mammoth 1,470 horsepower … in a Gallardo that only weighs is at 1,430 kg … that is over 1 hp / kg … gocart territory !

I guess the engine wasn’t the only thing modified on this Arancio finished Gallardo, I sure hope the brakes were upgraded too, and if I take a look around the car I’m sure they did, as most of the exterior of this V10 model was changed and optimized anyway.

A quick look reveals the front bumper has been replaced by the later model LP560-4 unit, as do many Gallardo 5.0 owners these days, the owner of this specific Gallardo didn’t go as far as to put the LP570-4 Superleggera bumper up front, but he did put parts from Miura Corse in it. Those winglets behind the front wheel and in front of the rear wheel, finished in black are from Miura Corse, as is the rear diffuser, which has a lower design compared to the original one.

These days there are many rear wings available for the Lamborghini Gallardo, but the one fitted on this orange horsepower monster came from Miura Corse too, as do those glossy parts on the side air intake and the ‘shoulder’ intake … all from Miura Corse, a trademark of the Dimex Group, based in Erbenheim, Germany.

However when it came to selecting a set of wheels the owner did go for something different … he fitted IMSA wheels on it … remember them? They made the wide body Gallardo GTV years ago …

All photos are © Dirk A. Photography