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Back in 2007 a very special evolution of the Lamborghini Gallardo was unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show … a lightweight model that clearly showed a race pedigree with a modified V10 engine now delivering 530hp in a car that shed 100kg … called the Superleggera.

This lightweight received some special body parts in carbon fiber, an optional clear carbon fiber rear wing and a stunning glass engine cover combined with amazing looking Scorpius wheels made the exterior look really impressive … and then you open the door to admire a clear carbon fiber door panel and a central console in the same material with Alcantara clad racing seats with … yes, a carbon fiber back and stylish ‘Superleggera’ script on the sides … and optionally available four point seat belts that could be fit to another option … a rear tubular frame.

So it was clear from the start the Gallardo Superleggera was something special, a very good base to tune into a street racer like the matte black model featured here, which might take a second look to figure out completely as it isn’t looking factory standard anymore.

The first thing you notice is the front … it looks like the 2010 LP570-4 Superleggera because of the new style front bumper that has been mounted, a very popular move these days to get your aging Gallardo looking more contemporary, many owners are mounting either the LP560-4 or the LP570-4 Superleggera unit (or a replica) on their pre 2008 V10 Bulls these days … still the original headlights are a clear giveaway.

Replacing the headlights would also mean a different front hood, and I’m not too sure the wiring wouldn’t need changing, so we don’t see too many pre 2008 Gallardo models that also received the LP560-4 headlights, but they do exist … just like some owners go through even more trouble and replace the rear section to put the later model taillights in place and install a quad tip exhaust system to make their classic Gallardo look like a much younger model.

But the owner of this matte black Gallardo Superleggera went a totally different route, sure he installed a more recent front bumper, but was it for the looks or because the original one got damaged? It would make perfect sense to replace a ruined front with an OEM version of a later model I think, on the other hand the owner did install the high riding rear wing seen on the Super Trofeo Stradale limited edition, instead of the classic red tips this car features bright green on the end plates of this rear wing, the same shade we encounter on the brake calipers.

While we’re admiring these brakes you can’t but notice some of the most beautiful custom wheels for the Lamborghini, made by renowned ADV.1 these are the ADV05.1 SL units in massive 20×9 inch and  20×12 inch at the front and rear, finished in a fashionable matte black powder coating they fit perfectly on this V10 bull in the same matte black finish … these days available as Nero Nemesis straight from the factory, but on the 2007 Gallardo Superleggera this color wasn’t possible.

Also note the decal on the lower section of the doors, the Gallardo Superleggera already had a similar stripe, but this one comes from the later LP570-4 edition, it features the Italian TriColore at the top … do note the owner had the Superleggera script on the door color coded green, to get in line with the rear wing and the brake calipers.

The Gallardo Superleggera receives some really nice, Alcantara covered seats when it leaves the assembly line in Sant’Agata, these have a carbon fiber back and usually come with four-point seat belts as mentioned earlier … still the owner of this specific car wanted to remove even more weight from his Raging Bull so he installed full carbon fiber seat shells … that’s right, there is no padding in sight here, now you don’t buy a Gallardo Superleggera for the comfort on long drives, but I still assume he will put some kind of padding or cover over those seats when driving on the open road.

The matte black finish with the more recent front bumper, the green details on the new Super Trofeo Stradale rear wing and brake calipers behind those awesome ADV.1 wheels combined with those super lightweight carbon fiber seats all make up for a very good looking Lamborghini … and many owners would be more than happy to call it a day when they drive this one home … but on this Superleggera it was just the beginning.

Out of sight, but very much present when you open the engine cover and take a closer look … is the Twin Turbo conversion. That’s right, this Bad Bull isn’t putting 530hp on all four of those custom ADV.1 wheels anymore … but more likely something between 700hp on normal gas (93 Octane) and 1500hp on race fuel (VP-C16 117 octane) … so this Gallardo Superleggera not only looks fast … it also is blindingly fast.