2021 new v12 6b

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Automobili Lamborghini SpA published a new press release about their achievements for 2020, while they were able to deliver a total of 7,430 Bulls in a difficult year, which is the second-best number ever (in 2019 they managed 8,205 deliveries), but they recorded their highest profit ever.

This might seem strange considering they sold fewer cars, but this is where things get interesting … one of the main reasons is probably the fact they’ve been delivering the multi-million dollar, Lamborghini Sian, to owners this year, despite being a limited production model, the profit on these high-value models is probably rather healthy too.

2021 new v12 1

Another contributing fact to the bottom line is the fact more and more customers are turning to Lamborghini’s Ad Personam Studio to have custom options fitted to their car, and these don’t come cheap either, for instance, that amazing, clear carbon fiber roof option on an Aventador Coupe comes with a $60,000 price tag, so that’s a nice profit builder too.

We’re nearing the end of March, and Automobili Lamborghini SpA already confirms an order book to keep them going for nine months in 2021, so if you want to order a new Huracan or Urus at this time, you’re in for a long wait, so it seems they are in a healthy spot at the moment.

At the end of this press release about their ‘Strong profitability and second-best year ever for turnover and sales’ we read something interesting: “This year, the Huracán STO will be joined by two further new products, based on the iconic V12.

That confirms we won’t be seeing the Aventador successor in 2021, and probably not even in 2022, which is odd, as the LP700-4 was introduced ten years ago already, and the 2011 Geneva Motor Show and the comment about the aging gearbox have been vented for some years now, so it’s time for something new.

2021 new v12 5b

But it seems that’s not happening yet, instead, Lamborghini intends to unveil two more V12 ‘products’ later this year, so what are we about to see in a matter of months?

Will Lamborghini create another hybrid version on the current Aventador platform? Something like the Sian but less limited and at a more reasonable pricepoint perhaps, probably not using a supercapacitor but a more evolved battery pack?

But chances are that if Lamborghini does create an Aventador Hibrido, they will limit the power increase to just below the Sian total of 819 hp, if they take the Aventador S as a basis for the Hibrido they start with 740 hp, so they won’t add 100 hp in electric motors I guess.

2021 new v12 7 1

But another option would be to create a kind of final, top-of-the-line edition as a swansong for the current V12 ICE naturally aspirated engine lineup … perhaps a GT as we’ve seen on the Diablo range, or why not an SCS, in line with the Huracán STO, a street-legal V12 racecar based on the stunning SCV12 Essenza … a Squadra Corse Stradale for instance with 800 hp and no hybrid.
I for one am looking forward to whatever Lamborghini has still in the pipeline on their Aventador range before a new hybrid model will succeed their most successful V12 ever.

Just for argument’s sake … what if Lamborghini wants to dip their first toe into the hypercar market using the current V12 model as a start? Some state the Centenario or the Sian are hypercars, but that mostly because of their price tag, but just imagine Lamborghini creating a cross between the fully electric Terzo Millennio concept and their V12 Vision GT.

2021 new v12 6b

A V12 powered, Aventador chassis-based ‘Ultimo’ model that looks more like a LeMans racecar, but fully street legal and with two lightweight carbon fiber seats on the inside and thanks to weight savings the addition of three electric motors doesn’t tip the scales much higher than the current Aventador SVJ but adds 76 hp each … on top of the 770 hp V12 engine this would mean this Lamborghini Ultimo comes with a massive 998 hp in total, now that would be a very nice conclusion for the Aventador legacy.