Uncovering the Reasons why Lamborghini CEO Turned Down Youtuber Star Emma Hartford

Why Lamborghini's CEO Said 'No' to YouTube Sensation Emma Hartford

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In March 2023, Lamborghini unveiled its game-changing hybrid supercar – the Revuelto. As the successor of the iconic naturally aspirated V12 Aventador, the Revuelto instantly captured the world’s attention, becoming a coveted possession among car enthusiasts and influencers globally. Lamborghini made headlines when it announced that all Revuelto units had sold out until 2025. With such high demand, the burning question emerged: why does Lamborghini continue to market a car unavailable for the next three years?

Enter Emelia Hartford, the accomplished race car driver, and YouTube influencer with over 1.18 million subscribers. When Lamborghini opened a new dealership in Newport Beach, California, Emelia took center stage. She was the first to unveil the Revuelto on the East Coast, even before the official event. She treated her viewers to a detailed car tour and later interviewed Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.

When Demand Exceeds Supply?

Emelia asked Mr. Winkelmann whether she could buy a Revuelto now if she wanted to during the interview. Mr. Stephen politely refused and confirmed, “Since we launched the car we already sold two years of production. So if you sign now you will have to wait a bit until the year 2026.” implying that even the most popular influencers, such as Emelia, have to wait their turn to purchase this car and that won’t be until 2026

Despite this, why do Lamborghini and influencers like Emelia Hartford persist in promoting the Revuelto?

The secret lies in building anticipation and cultivating exclusivity. Even if an immediate purchase is not an option, the buzz around the car amplifies its allure, propelling the brand’s value and keeping Lamborghini in the limelight.

The Newport Beach Event A Grand Showcase

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The Newport Beach event was not only about the Revuelto. It displayed other remarkable Lamborghini models, such as the Murcielago, Aventador, and even the latest Countach LPI800-4 and the Sian, each more impressive than the last. These vehicles were a testament to Lamborghini’s rich, naturally aspirated V12 heritage and its ambitious leap into the future with the Revuelto.

At a later part of the video, Emilia was also thrilled to see the Huracan Sterrato on display at the event, as she had missed the Media Drive event, where she could have driven the car off the tarmac. The car was showcased by Emilia, and it was another highlight of the event.

Lamborghini’s unique marketing Strategy!

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Lamborghini’s marketing strategy of maintaining visibility and intrigue around its latest models, including the sold-out Revuelto, is paying off.

Emelia Hartford and other influencers play crucial in keeping the brand in the spotlight, promoting Lamborghini’s stake in the hybrid supercar market, and ensuring its relevance in the automotive world. Despite its unavailability, the anticipation and buzz around the Revuelto guarantee that Lamborghini’s legacy will continue to shine.

The Lamborghini Newport Beach Event Gallery

image source: lamborghininewportbeach instagram
image source: lamborghininewportbeach instagram
image source: lamborghininewportbeach instagram
image source: lamborghininewportbeach instagram

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